May 19, 2024 4:11 AM

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Free Musuem Entry In Italy For All Women During International Women's Month

In celebration of International Women's Day, all women in spite of her nationality will get to enjoy free entrance to Italy's museums and cultural destinations. There are over 100 museums around the country that will hold talks and showcase women's art throughout history.


How You Can Leave Your Mark On The Florence Cathedral Without Vandalizing It

Italy has been vigilant in protecting its historical sites from rowdy tourists who continually try to break in and vandalize the ancient location. But, now, the country welcomes travelers to vandal the Florence cathedral without defacing the building itself.


Travel Tips: The Best Places In Italy You Shouldn't Leave Out Of Your Itinerary

The cities of Italy eahc have their own wonders. Find out some of the best cities in Italy you should visit and discover.


Need Some Creative Juice? Here are the World’s Most Inspiring Spots

Every now and then, creative minds need to take a step back to refuel themselves. Whether it’s a writer’s block or a lack of artistic inspiration, it’s essential to know where one can settle in to revive creativity.


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