Every now and then, creative minds need to take a step back to refuel themselves. Whether it's a writer's block or a lack of artistic inspiration, it's essential to know where one can settle in to revive creativity.

Here are some of the world's most inspiring vacation spots worth visiting and escaping to.

1. Jura, Scotland

World-renowned author George Orwell produced his most famous piece, 1984 in the isles of Jura, Scotland. Since he was in desperate need to get away from ever-busy London, he found solace in the isolated, almost untouched island where he lived in a small shack with no electricity.

Only home to about 200 people, one can truly experience what it's like to live simply in this part of the country.

2. Florence, Italy

Elizabeth Barrett Browning who married Robert Browing against her father's wishes escaped with her husband to Florence, Italy. They rented out an apartment, which she later on named Casa Guidi. They lived there for over 14 years and she was able to produce some of her best works like Aurora Leigh and Casa Guidi.

Now, guests can stay in Casa Guidi for at least $1,640 for four nights.

3. Paris, France

A city bathed in cultural diversity and endless creativity, it's no wonder Pablo Picasso found refuge in Paris. While he was born in Spain, the artist moved to the city and into a building, which resembled a laundry barge.

Here, he took inspiration from Le Moulin de la Galette and the city's local circus Méderano. He also painted portraits of his famous friends Henri Matisse and Max Weber.

To bask in inspiration, tourists can visit Musée Picasso Paris in Thorigny.

4. Key West, Florida

Ernest Hemingway is notoriously known as a vicarious, strongly passionate writer idolized by many. He moved to a Spanish colonial house in Florida where he lived and wrote for over 10 years.

Tourists are lucky enough to have a tour inside his home and museum in Key West.