June 21, 2024 10:53 PM

Cruise Ships

Singapore Names India As Top Market For Cruise Holiday

India is Singapore's largest market for their cruise tours after reports show an increasing interest of Indian nationals to travel to the famed Lion Country.


Travel Tips: Things To Pack & Remember On A Cruise Ship

Stressed out when packing your things for a vacation? First time to be on a cruise and don’t have any idea what to pack? Here are a few tips on what to pack and things to remember when going on a cruise!


Amazing Reasons Why Your Next Staycation Holiday Should Be A Cruise

Whether you’re new to cruising or a non-cruises who wanted to take some time off to relax with your family, now is the time to book. Cruising is hassle-free, and most offer pre-paid rates, exclusive promos and fabulous perks.


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