Whether you're new to cruising or a non-cruises who wanted to take some time off to relax with your family, now is the time to book.

You're probably planning your next family vacation and you understand that each family members have their own points of interest for fun and enjoyment. At the same time, you want to keep everyone together for some quality family time. What type of staycation offers your family with all these options?

Cruising. It's hassle-free, most cruises offer pre-paid rates, exclusive promos and fabulous perks.. It's not just for the oldies but for all ages too.

Below are some of the amazing reasons to make your next holiday a cruise:

Cruises have "All-inclusive" perks, tour and state-of-the-art recreational activities:

If you are staying on a cruise, multiple destinations, daytime activities, all-day dining, fitness facilities, lectures, children's clubs, multiple pools and film screenings are the norm.

According to The Telegraph, majority of the bigger ships feature large ocean-view gyms filled with state-of-the-art equipment. Stretch, yoga, pilates and spin classes are the norm and some ships offer complimentary access to the spa's thermal suites.

Impressive water parks, zip lines and rock-climbing walls scratch the surface when it comes to on-board activities. There are above-the-ship viewing pods and wind tunnels that enable you to "fly".

A handful of lines are "all-inclusive" which means excursions, drinks, gratuities and sometimes flights and hotel overnights are also included in the fare.

Cruises take you where you want to go:

You can explore and tour magnificent cities like St. Petersburg if you are on a cruise.

According to Huffington Post, Viking Cruises has an impressive selection of cruise itineraries to suit every traveler, for any length of time.

You can sail away on a Romantic Mediterranean cruise for eight days, or you can explore the fabled landscapes of Scandinavia with a 15-day Into the Midnight Sun cruise. In addition to European cruises around the Mediterranean and Baltics, Viking Cruises offers routes through the Caribbean for adventures further afield.

A cruise can be an adventure; some of the cruise destinations cannot be easily reached by other means of transport.

Taking a cruise is an epitome of Value for Money

A cruise vacation means excellent value for money. Cruises are known for their attention to detail: once you board the cruise ship, your immersion into the destinations you're traveling to begins, with onboard entertainment, classes, performances and meals all designed to educate and complement the places you're visiting.

Teens and children centers onboard some cruise ships offer state-of-the-art computer games, movies, and both educational and social activities.

The ambience is also key: clean, Scandinavian lines, pale wood details and Nordic print furnishings create a natural, light, cozy and appealing atmosphere.

Cruises Ensure Safe Environment

Cruise ships offer a crime-free, safe, contained environment for families. Children are entertained with fun activities; teens enjoy certain levels of independence.

In general, cruise lines strive to maintain the highest security and food safety standard. Cruise passengers returning to ships after going on shore are not only required to go through security checkpoints, but also to sanitize their hands. Hygiene practices are reinforced throughout all public areas onboard cruise ships.

Cruises Bring Convenience And Comfort

You can get rid of airport delays as well as car rental nightmares with surge prices. You could explore more than one destination on your week-long getaway (without the hassle) on a cruise.

As conveyed by Charlotte Travel, an 11-day Eastern Mediterranean and Greek Isles cruise covers 8 ports of call in Italy, Malta, Turkey and Greece, after unpacking and settling in your cabin, you wake up to a new destination everyday. You will enjoy the convenience of doing self-guided tours or joining the cruise line's excursions when the ship is in port.

It's a vacation for family while parents can take time off too.

So, accordingly, setting sail and taking a cruise is such a satisfying holiday, whether you're looking to discover new lands or revisit favorite cities and beautiful sceneries.