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Maxine Wally

JC Penney

J.C. Penney $850 Million: Retail Company Borrows From Billion Dollar Credit Facility

The company that has been trying to claw its way out of a dark hole of antiquity and sinking numbers has borrowed $850 million from its $1.85 billion credit facility in efforts to revamp J.C. Penney.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing In Trouble Again; 737 Planes Under Scrutiny for Faulty Parts

Federal aviation authorities have ordered inspections for upwards of 1,000 U.S. Boeing 737 jets to examine the tails of certain planes that could bear faulty parts.



CorruptTours Takes Tourists to See Sleaze Like Never Before

Czech Republic start up CorruptTour is cashing in on rampant wrongdoing. They offer sightseeing trips of historically corrupt locations-among them: Executives' abodes, hospitals and government buildings.


Celebrity Eclipse Ship

Cruise Tourists Robbed Aboard the Eclipse

A group of 55 passengers aboard a cruise ship tour of St. Lucia were robbed at gunpoint while on a bus trip to the Botanical Gardens Friday.


Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon 2013 UPDATE: Explosion Heard at Finish Line, Some Injured

BREAKING: Two explosions were heard around the vicinity of the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday, breaking upbeat spirits and positive forecasts of good weather.



New Website Pintrips 'Pins' Your Flights

Stephen Gotlieb has launched his new site Monday, to ease the stress of finding a ticket through an online travel agency.


Rick Snyder

Michigan Paper Investigates Travel Costs, Makes Surprising Findings

Michigan employees of the state are getting called out for little to no oversight on how much government bodies spend on work-related travel expenses.


Boston marathon

Boston Marathon 2013 Kicks off Monday (ROUTE MAP)

Nearly 24,662 runners hit the pavement this Monday at the Boston Marathon, streaking past Hopkinton's starting line in what most are calling ideal 48-degree weather.


 Jetliner passes Boston's Prudential (L) and John Hancock (R) towers

Boston Welcomes Copa Airlines With Reception

After an announced merger in January, Copa Airlines CEO Pedro Heilbron and his marketing team paid Boston a visit last Wednesday, when the East Boston Neighborhood Health and Massport hosted a reception in Maverick Square.



Hacker Presents Software That Could Control Planes

German security analyst Hugo Teso presented his Android app called PlaneSploit, at the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam Wednesday, which uses code to hack into airline security software by using radio signals.


School Bus

School Bans Leggings to Keep Boys From Getting 'Distracted'

Petaluma, California school Kenilworth Junior High has banned all students from donning leggings to class, saying that it has become a "distraction" for boys, Emily Dunnagan told ABC News.



Teacher Fired For Bible: Sub Gets the Boot Over Religion in School

Substitute teacher Walt Tutka has filed a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on grounds of religious discrimination, after he was fired for giving a student a Bible.


Fabrice Bregier (R), Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer, Rusdi Kirana (L), Lion Air Chief Executive Officer, and French President Francois Hollande (C)

Mali's Gift Camel to French President Francois Hollande Accidentally Eaten

Malian leaders have replaced a camel they gifted to French President Francois Hollande, as the original one accidentally became a part of a tagine stew.


Epic Hotel

High-Tech Hotels EPIC Hotel Miami and theWit Chicago Offer Futuristic Luxury

Get ready for your hotel stay, 2013 style: these are two futuristic places to stay that are blowing other hotels out the water.


joe biden

Joe Biden Ferrari Comment: Owning a Firearm is Like A Luxury Automobile (VIDEO)

Vice President Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show Thursday, where he talked about gun control, which went to a vote in the Senate that same day.


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