A cruise ship horn can be a sign of a warning, navigation or a way to say bon voyage, but one cruise ship used its horns to show off its music abilities.

An MSC cruise ship, the MSC Magnifica showed off its talents while in the Hamburg Port by playing the well-known pop song Seven Nation Army made famous by the rock duo, The White Stripes on Friday.

Seven Nation Army is a catchy tune that is sometimes used at sporting events, but thousands could hear it being played around the port by the cruise ship during the first day of celebrations at the 825th anniversary of the German port. The Hamburg Port is the second largest in Europe.

Even though it may have played the tune a bit slower than usual and off tempo, the crowd was still enthusiastic. A video of the event that was posted to YouTube has been viewed more than 469,000 times.

The Port of Hamburg anniversary event is called one of the greatest port festivals in the world. This year the even began on Friday, May 9. Other highlights of the harbor anniversary celebration include a grand arrival parade full of ships that enter the harbor, a tugboat ballet and a firework display. Germany has thrown the port festival since 1189, the Daily Mail reports.

Besides its ability to play songs with its horns, the 95,000-ton, $550 million MSC Magnifica makes cruises from Southampton to Hamburg, via France and the Netherlands and can carry up to 3,500 passengers. The ship has three swimming pools, five restaurants, a movie theatre, casino and more.

It is not clear why MSC chose Seven Nation Army as the song to play at the festival, but it is the most popular song by the Detroit-based band The White Stripes.