A video posted to YouTube shows a woman screaming hysterically on an American Airlines flight heading to Tampa. The woman repeatedly screamed "God You're my saviour" and the flight crew was worried that she would try to open the plane door mid-flight.

The man who took the video says the woman started ranting about 20 minutes after takeoff on a flight from Miami to Tampa. At first the woman asked people sitting near her to pray for her because her mother died recently, however that soon escalated into yelling. She kept screaming "God, you're my savior! God, you're my savior!" while flipping through a magazine and tapping on her cellphone. The woman started contorting and shaking in her seat and she kept repeating the phrase.

The flight attendants didn't retrain the woman but they asked other passengers to step in if she tried to go towards the back of the plane to open the door.

"She's been freaking out for the last 20 minutes," Reed Stanley, who shot the video can be heard saying. "She started off by telling everyone to pray for her mother who just passed away. She went up and down the aisles telling everyone to pray for her mother."

The video was uploaded to YouTube in October and has gained more than 690,000 views.

A man sitting next to the woman tried to calm her down by patting her arm, but without success. At one point she points and yells at him saying "don't f***ing touch me" before she goes back to repeating "God You're my savior."

"The flight attendant has asked me that if she tries to head to the back door of the plane, I'm to block her," Stanley said.

"I don't know if this guy next to her knows her or not, but he's been trying to calm her down the whole time," Stanley says.

It appears that other passengers tried to ignore the woman despite her loud screams.

The woman eventually seems to run out of steam as she becomes quieter, but Stanley is still on high alert. "If she tries to go back, we're going to block her," he said.

It is not clear what happened with the woman after the flight landed.