A passenger on an Emirates flight to India tried to commit suicide on Friday.

Crew members on the flight from Dubai to the Indian industrial hub Hyderabad found a passenger bleeding heavily in the bathroom after the tried to commit suicide. The flight crew on the Dubai-based carrier found the passenger shortly before the plane started descending. The crew administered all the possible treatment they could on board until the male passenger could to handed over to a medical team on the ground after the plane landed, the Associated Press reports.

Police and hospital workers in India said the man who tried to commit suicide was 30 years old and has been working as a draftsman in Dubai. He tried to kill himself by slicing his neck, ankles and wrists just before the flight landed, AP reports.

"There is no clarity so far as to why he attempted to commit suicide," Hyderabad police inspector Amaragani Krishnaiah said according to AP.

The man's attempt wasn't successful. He was in stable condition at the hospital on Monday. He was joined by family members but he was unable to speak due to a feeding tube in his throat. Indian officials and Emirates would not say what the man used to slice himself. Emirates would not go into detail as the incident is still under investigation.

After the incident, the plane returned to Dubai without passenger onboard to undergo maintenance. Emirates is a government owned airline and is the largest carrier in the Middle East. Dubai is home to the Middle East's busiest airport and it also serves as the commercial center of the United Arab Emirates. The majority of the UAE population is comprised of guest workers and their families. They outnumber the local population. The largest part of the expatriate population is Indians as 1.74 million Indian citizens work in Dubai. Many work in the construction industry and other blue-collar jobs, however there are also many Indian businesspeople and other professionals in the country.