Protestors from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will be at the Arizona renaissance fair today (Saturday) from 12-2pm to protest about the fair's elephant ride.

PETA spokeswoman Patricia Kaiserman said the elephants are being abused:

"The elephant is shackled on one of its feet.  It goes around in a circle with children on its back, or children, or whoever wants to ride it. The elephants are prodded by a bullhook."

Patricia also wants to see the other animal entertainment abolished.

"I want them to stop having elephant and camel rides.  In addition to that,  get rid of their petting zoos because those animals are also transported in small cages and transported around the USA.  The fair is wonderful, but they do not need to have that out there."

The Arizona Renaissance Fair has experienced animal rights protest activity for more than a decade, but surveys of the fair-goers show they support the animal entertainment.  A statement from the owner of the fair says they are all "well-kept, in excellent condition, with high-quality veterinary care."

The statement goes on to say that the animals are frequently rotated and given plenty of food and refreshments, as well as rest and lots of room for daily exercise when they're not being used.