With the Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's never too late to book a ticket and plan your next romantic getaway.  If you and you're honey are up to some dash of adventure, South East Asia is the perfect destination for you. As the region boasts some of the best beaches in the world, it is your gateway to an early summer sand frolic and memories of sweet nothings that are meant to last for a lifetime.  

Boracay, Philippines

The island has been known to be one of the best acclaimed beaches in the world. Located on the northwest corner of Panay Island in the Philippines, the seven kilometer island is home to long beaches, fine white sand and breath taking sunsets. It's also been known to have vast selection of restaurants and resorts, which can set a perfect ambiance to your romantic date. If you're up for some action, various water sports and hiking trails are available for your leisure at a fraction of the cost. Bazaars are also set-up that features local Filipino crafts and delicacies. Nightlife is buzzing with multiple events set-up all year long. For many tourists who've been to the island, it's a destination they say that would keep you coming back for more.

Bali, Indonesia

Surf's up for the surfing enthusiast. The most well known and smallest island of Indonesia lies in the east of Java only separated by the Bali Strait. The island is around 112 km long and features mountain ranges with peaks as high as 3,000 meters. More than just a mecca for surfers, it features diverse and exquisite wildlife as well as ancient temples that remind the island of its historic past. Its tourist friendly ambiance is a great first stop if you're travelling in Asia for the first time. Diving, surfing and hiking are only some of the activities you can do in the island. Once there, you'd be surprised of the number of options you can add in your itinerary.    

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

You probably saw Koh Phi Phi in the adventure drama film "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The small archipelago is composed of 6 islands in the province of Krabi, Thailand. The distinct feature of the island is its population diversity aside from lush wildlife. Buddhist, Thai's, Malay Muslims and indigenous groups have settled to the island and have lived in harmony. Going around the island Koh Phi Phi also very convenient as the biggest island, Ko Phi Phi Don is only about 8 km long. World renowned Thai cuisine reflects the plates of every restaurant in the island. If you are up to some gastronomic adventure, not only do you have the option of trying the best dinning places but can even learn how to make it by yourself. Multiple classes are offered in Koh Phi Phi with program schedules that can be customized to your need.     

El Nido, Philippines

The tranquility of the island is contagious to any traveler. The majestic limestone formation of El Nido would impress outdoor lovers around the globe.  A part of the province of Palawan, it has been recently named as the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines according to the CNN Go's report.  It hosts 50 white sand beaches, various endangered species, and a vast coral formation. Palawan is also known as "The Last Frontier" with the island's Tubataha Reef Marine National Park named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This hidden jewel is perfect for lovers that want to elude densely populated tourist destinations.

Redang, Malaysia

A great place for honeymoons and weddings, the island of Redang is a perfect backdrop to your beach nuptial photos. The island is known for crystal clear waters, fine white sand and spectacular skyline. It is also a good spot for underwater tourism with historic shipwrecks found in its waters. The richness of flavor found in Malaysian food never escaped the island. With top of the line beach resorts and international hotels, a commodity is worth every dime you spend.