Want to give up your job and travel the world? These people did it.  

If you're looking for a little inspiration to cast off the 9-5 and see the world, then these bloggers might just give you the push you need! 

Jodi Ettenberg, Legal Nomads 

Jodi, from Montreal, quit her job as a lawyer in 2008, took the five years of savings she had left from lawyering in New York and took off around the world for a year, which turned into five, and she's still doing it now.  She speaks about her five years on the road and how travelling has changed her in an inpsiring blog post here.  Her blog is honest and chronicles both the good and the bad of each destination she's visited.  Well worth an afternoon or two of reading. 

A Pat On A Motorcycle

This blogger is riding his motorcycle around the world.  He quit his oilfield job in 2007.  If you're planning to ride a motorcycle anywhere in the world, especially through Asia, then this is a great blog to follow. 

Bert And Patty

I've spoken to people sometimes who feel like, in their forties or fifties, they are getting too old to travel the world.  Bert and Patty might disagree with you! In 2009, they sold their posessions and took off for a round-the-world trip, taking in 17 countries on five continents.  

The Lost Girls 

With their 28th birthdays quickly looming, these girls started to panic: was marriage, babies and settling down with a career what they really wanted? 

Scared that they'd let their careers become their identities, they quit their jobs, lives (and some, their boyfriends!) for a round the world trip of a lifetime.  The girls are now fully-fledged authours with a book under their wing, but you can still read about their original adventure on their blog.  

So Many Places 

Kim is a beautifully eloquent writer, who quite her daily life in May 2012 (fairly recently!) and is currently on a travelling adventure.  Read about her adventures, as well as her blogging tips on her beautifully laid-out blog.