Who needs the Mile High Club? Have an underwater adventure with the Mile Low Club. A high-end travel company is offering couples the chance to stay in a submarine.

Couples can join the "Mile Low Club" with the Lovers Deep experience. It isn't cheap though. The experience costs $140,000 per person per night and that doesn't even include airfare. The experience is being offered by Oliver's Travels.

At such a steep price, the luxury submarine includes things such as a personal chef, butler and captain who cater to the two guests. Even though the space is only 40 feet long, the staff promises to give couples the privacy the might want.

The experience also promises to be a romantic one. The lover's special includes champagne, scattered rose petals, romantic music including Barry White, and an aphrodisiac dinner of oysters, caviar and chocolate fondant.

The Oliver's Travels company says the submarine is "designed to your personal specification and built as a unique, one-off trip of a lifetime that you'll never forget."

"This is now Oliver's Travels' most unique, luxury and expensive 'property' on the site," spokeswoman Rachel Aldersley told Yahoo. "We don't believe other travel rental companies offer an underwater vacation like this one."

Since the submarine is mobile, guests will be able to decide where they want to dock and dive, however guests must board in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. With the sub moving underwater, even the trip will offer scenic views that are unique.

Besides the hefty price, the trip may not be for everyone, especially those who are claustrophobic  or simply don't like fish. Not many are jumping on board as of yet. The Lovers Deep hasn't received any bookings, so dates are open to those who can foot the bill.