Many assume that travel agents don't exist any longer, especially in the world today where information is but just a click away and people prefer travelling with their own customized itineraries.

According to Yahoo, working as a travel agent could land you a dead-end job. But not all is lost for people who want to make a career out of planning the travels of others. In a report by members of the American Society of Travel Agents or ASTA, this isn't exactly the case as they "book more than 144 million vacations a year" and gained revenue of more than $17 billion in 2012.

ASTA Vice President John Pittman prefers to use the term "travel professional" in order to change consumer views. He says it puts the profession in a more professional light and gives it a broader perspective. This is because the booking agents of today go beyond the boundaries of just booking airlines and hotels.

Travel professionals around the world now use a host of different platforms to help the clients book a multitude of vacations. Pittman said in an interview, "The truth is, travel agents have adapted to the changing environment, and they are relevant and they are meeting a consumer need,"

DIY-booking website seems to be in sync with ASTA's stance. This is because CheapAir announced that in June, it will start offering every one of its customers who purchases plane tickets assistance from a travel adviser who is reachable through e-mail or phone.

According to Pittman, for instances listed below, it is still best to use the traditional method where you use a travel agent to organize your trip:

1. International Travel

In getting cheaper accommodations and activities, travel professionals can work their magic to negotiate flight and hotel packages when you travel abroad. Also, you're at peace because you know you would never get lost in a foreign country.

2. Honeymoon Travel

It's stressful enough having to take care of things for your wedding. But for your honeymoon, it should be all about enjoyment. A travel professional can provide that along with discounted rates and perks.

3. Large group and corporate Travel

Negotiating large-group discounts is easier with a travel professional. Plus, your itinerary details are all taken care of thus more time for enjoying bonding time with the family or with co-workers.

4. Cruise Travel

Going on a cruise isn't as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors involved such as sorting out all the details of your cruise. A travel professional can use his connections to get you better unadvertised deals.

5. Theme Park Travel

Travelling to large theme parks like Disney World is an exhausting task. It can also get expensive if you don't watch what you buy inside. Travel professionals help you learn what is cheap and what is too expensive in a theme park, and he can probably get good rates for family packages for you as well.