'Travel light', a phrase commonly heard yet commonly ignored by many.

We think we need to bring everything when we travel, but we don't. Too much luggage will just make you look like a typical tourist more than anything.

With all the excess in the world nowadays, people have a hard time managing their belongings and bringing just the most essential things when travelling.

It's easier than you think however. Below are Top 5 Things you need to know in order to travel light and enjoy the ride.

1. Make a checklist of all the essentials and include only what you need.

This is the most crucial and important. By making a checklist of all the essentials for your trip, you not only travel prepared, you eliminate all the unneeded baggage that you may carry. Start with a list of everything you can think of that you think you need. After that, start erasing the stuff you won't actually need. If you can, do this ten times over so you're absolutely sure that only the essentials remain.

2. Plan your wardrobe.

Planning your wardrobe doesn't mean your clothes have to be boring. Just choose a minimalist style of fashion and you're good to go. If you can, just bring one of everything. One pair of jeans, one skirt, a single pair of trousers, one pair of shoes, one scarf, one bandana, one pair of shades, and so on. Also, beware of the proper attire to the place you're going. This eliminates you having to buy clothes because you aren't allowed to wear what you brought with you.

3. Roll your clothes and pack your toiletries right.

Roll your clothes tightly, the same way you would roll a paper for a flyswatter. Compress your clothes as much as you can. Not only does rolling give you more space in your bag, it doesn't wrinkle your clothes as well.

4. Wear your coat, jacket, boots or shoes on the plane.

Jackets and coats can be bulky, and they would take too much space in your bag. Instead of packing them, just wear them along with your boots or shoes. Plus, it saves you the stress of having to open your bag every time you get too cold.

5. Carry just one bag.

After doing all the tips above, you should be able to carry just one bag during your whole travel. There are 2 choices for a bag - a small one and a big one. Both have their differences and benefits. A small bag pushes you to bring fewer things and makes you bring only what you really need. With a big one, you can fit more and you don't have to think about removing other stuff, but this requires you to carry a heavier load while walking.

So, you decide. It's still your choice, but the important thing when travelling light is, you still enjoy the trip.