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The Best in Bostonian Inns

Travelers Today       By    Anastasia A. ONASSIS-POLINI COOPER,Ph.D.DMA

Updated: Feb 01, 2014 03:40 PM EST

As Congenial Proprietors at the Bed and Breakfast near Boston greet you, cadences of Street Carolers, vendors and tales of bygone eras of times since toll. Historical Pubs refrains beckon you as you dine within beautiful, welcoming splendor at the Bed and Breakfast, where gentile faces surround you with tales of olde. Relax in your elegant room while you gaze out upon hidden and meandering Walkways that harken to Secretive whispers of a Haunting past, as visions of Paul Revere unsteady your chosen gaze unto yet another Walkway that beckons unto Historical times of the past. Continue on your journey to visit the Cape Cod area Bed and Breakfasts to be further entranced and awed,where you will discover scenic views and rich Historic Fishing towns and villages. Visit and reserve lodgings at one of our Bed and Breakfasts near Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by visiting us @

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