Many believed that the internet would be one of the greatest reasons for the decline of travel and tourism, as it had the power to give a visual and auditory experience of other cultures and places, without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of home.

This assumption, however, has been proven to be quite wrong.

Now, more than ever, travel and tourism is at record levels, with people actually wanting to go to places all the more, regardless of distance and circumstance.  If anything else, the internet has actually helped to increase the desire and fascination with travel.

People today, however, are not travelling just to immerse themselves in the exotic cultures and experiences of far away lands.  More and more travellers and tourists are getting into it not just because of the sights and sounds, and for the food, but also because of the aesthetic and artistic exposure people stand to gain when going to these places.

These "creative tourism" experiences offer so much more than just a glance and a taste of what a locale has to offer to travellers, which is why it is currently a big thing among many people seeking to rejuvenate their sense of creativity, productivity, and inspiration for doing what they do best in life.  This is further proven by more popular photographs being shared on social sharing sites, typically showing more shots of the decidedly artistic sights and locations visited during the travel.

History, Culture, and Art of the Interesting Kind

While the younger generation of travellers today are typically expected to be more interested in bars, concert venues, and other such party places, a surprisingly large amount of younger travellers are being seen in historical and art venues during tours.  This greater interest in such destinations is reflected in many of the things associated with the younger generation, such as music preference, music videos, and even in their personal online presence and space.

Contrary to the stereotyped image of travelling youngsters who would rather skip such artistic and historical destinations, many have taken to complimenting the online information they garnered about such locations with an actual visit and even immersion in such locales.  People today know more about the various little-known locations and travel destinations around the world, with many actually having gone to these places.

Food, Fanfare, and Philanthropy

Travels and tours have always largely featured trips to popular restaurants, resorts, and other areas where tourists are typically expected to be.  Travellers today, however, have also taken to engaging in local humanitarian and charity efforts and activities, seeing it as the best way to inculcate themselves with the local culture, experience and get to know the true face of the locality, and also contribute what they can while in the area.  More than just a trend, it has actually become something that many tourists are proud to say that they have become a part of as worthwhile activity.

Many tourists have even gone out of their way to pitch in during times wherein the locality has been hit by a calamity, with many of them actually preferring anonymity, and being seen only when international news and media people cover the event.

Having said all of these, travellers today actually have a greater takeaway than the tourists of just a few decades ago. Not only do they stand to experience more than just the public face of popular tourist destinations, but they also stand to immerse themselves in the real culture, history, artistry, and humanity of these destinations, and to a real traveller, there is nothing more enriching than all of these.