Even as a native Scottish girl, Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world.  I never tire of it.  A uniquely gothic city with a grisly past, Edinburgh is the perfect city to visit if you're a fan of the supernatural.

The Real Mary King's Close

Did you know Edinburgh was actually built over another city? And you can still visit the underground lair where thousands of people existed under the streets of Edinburgh in dark, filthy conditions for generations in the 1600s?

The Real Mary King's Close is the epitome of haunted Edinburgh tours, taking you underground to visit this forgotten town, which runs the length of the Edinburgh Royal Mile.  Rumours of murder and deception run deep in this haunted Edinburgh attraction and some say the murderous ghost of the town's butcher still roams the alleyways...

The White Hart Inn

Situated in the historic Grassmarket area of Edinburgh, The White Hart is rumoured to be the most spirit-infested pub in the whole of Scotland, and I'm not talking about the Whisky!

Not surprising, when the Grassmarket was the spot to view a public execution or two...

Greyfriars Kirkyard

You may be familiar with the story of Greyfriars Bobby who slept on his master's grave until his own death, but this haunted Edinburgh graveyard has even more ghastly twists to offer the curious spirit-lover. You can tour the graveyard and the tomb of George McKenzie, an evil advocate who took pleasure in torturing his victims, where brave modern-day tourists have been attacked for entering and a white ghostly figure, who is said to be so fearsome, he even frightens the spirit of McKenzie!

Edinburgh Dungeons

Probably my favourite haunted attraction in Edinburgh, the Dungeons takes you on a tour to meet the most nefarious figures in haunted Edinburgh's history.  From Burke and Hare to the cannibal family of Sawney Bean, the Dungeons are a campy, Hammer Horror-esque way to enjoy Edinburgh's unique history for the easily scared. 

LiBurke and Hare

With the news that five possible new victims of the pair have been discovered in Grove Street this week, Burke and Hare were Edinburgh grave-robbers who decided to cut out the middle-man...

The West Port area of Edinburgh was where the terrible twosome committed their nefarious deeds. 

What's your favourite ghost story? Comment below!