Paris is anyone's dream destination, be it with family, a lover or even when flying solo. While prices of accommodations in the City of Lights can be quite challenging, there's more than one way to make one's Parisian dream come true- through home exchange.

If you're on a budget but would very much want to grace the streets of Paris and bask in the beauty of the Eiffel, then house swapping may just be the way to go.

Here's a simple (and effective) guide to the best and safest house swapping experience in Paris.

1. Consider six degrees of separation.

Nothing comes without risks, including home exchange but it doesn't mean they can be prevented. One way to diminish the paranoia is to get in touch with a friend of a friend or just someone the potential house swapper can personally be associated with.

Start by asking relatives and friends to narrow down the list right away.

2. Look for similar profiles and expectations.

Traveling alone, with kids or a few friends should fit the profile of the house one is eyeing at. Looking for similar profiles and expectations from house swappers in Paris could greatly help in landing the best possible home throughout the trip.

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Home exchange is all about building trust, confidence and hopefully, a start of a great friendship. In order to land the best home to compensate the beauty of Paris, house swappers should constantly communicate.

Small things like how the house swapper can use the other's washing machine to even tips on which places to visit while in the other side of the world could go a long way.

Keep in mind communication is key.

4.  Put it all in writing.

To double security, it's important to put everything into writing. A contract with the home exchange agency can benefit house swappers in a big way. Including a mutual agreement between the two house swappers will also help build trust.

House swapping will not only benefit travelers financially but also, will allow them to open new doors of possibilities that will add to the best Parisian trip one could ever wish for.