Travelers from all over the world tend to have an inclination to experience New Year's Eve in another country. Whether it's a quiet celebration in a cabin somewhere far or a loud festivity in a public square, being in another country could open up so many possibilities.

With Las Vegas, Sydney and London making it to this year's list of top NYE destinations, Travelers Today is setting its eyes on Berlin. Germans celebrate Silvester like no other in the world.

So if travelers find the itch to be somewhere else this NYE, here are reasons why Berlin should be a top pick.

1. It throws the biggest open-air party in the world.

One of the main reasons why people find themselves out on the streets of Berlin during NYE is the open-air party at the Brandenburg Gate.

It's considered the biggest open-air party in the whole world, where millions gather in the famed Germany's landmark and various stages are set up for spectators to enjoy just about anything as the new year draws near.

There are international DJ's, dancing on the streets, all kinds of performances and of course fireworks to top off everything.

It's best to be there by 5PM, as the event starts 6:30PM, where millions of people will be partying the night away.

2. It brings runners together for a race to the New Year.

Not all NYE celebrants want to feast their way into the New Year, which is why Berlin also caters to a different kind of way to celebrate it: by running.

Runners can take part in the race to the Grünewald forest for the 38th New Year's Eve Run 2013, where they can, literally, run their way until midnight.

3. It allows travelers to watch it all unfold from afar.

It could get claustrophobic partying with millions of people on the streets, which is why it's great to be up in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. These two places can give people a fabulous view of Berlin.