When everything is cornfields and cows, finding the perfect small town in Iowa is like discovering a hidden gem in the Midwest. Do you crave low living costs, weekend farmers' markets, and huge green spaces? You are in luck! 

Iowa is where friendly locals, scenic beauty, and safe communities come together. Whether you are a student, young professional, retiree, or raising a family, there is a small town in the Hawkeye State that fits your vibe.

Big cities like Iowa City, Des Moines, and Cedar Rapids have their perks, but higher living costs and more crime can be dealbreakers. In contrast, Iowa's small towns offer beautiful landscapes, thriving arts scenes, and surprisingly good dining spots.

If you are looking for a place to stay for good, these small Iowa towns will fit every lifestyle.


These Are the Ideal Iowa Small Towns for Every Lifestyle

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Pella, Iowa, is not your typical small town. It feels like a slice of the Netherlands right in the heart of the Midwest. From the working Vermeer Windmill to the colorful tulip gardens that bloom every spring, Pella celebrates its Dutch heritage with pride. 

The town's annual Tulip Time festival draws visitors from across the nation, showcasing traditional dances, parades, and Dutch treats. Living in Pella means enjoying a European vibe without ever leaving Iowa.


These Are the Ideal Iowa Small Towns for Every Lifestyle

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If you are an outdoor lover, Decorah is the Iowa town for you. Located in the northeast, this town offers landscapes filled with rolling hills and vibrant green spaces that break the stereotype of flat farmland. 

From exploring ice caves at the Ice Cave State Preserve to hiking to the breathtaking Dunning's Spring Park waterfall, adventure is always just around the corner. Decorah also hosts a lively downtown area where community events and local businesses thrive.

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These Are the Ideal Iowa Small Towns for Every Lifestyle

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McGregor, located along the mighty Mississippi River, offers some of the best scenic views in Iowa. This town thrives on its rich history and its proximity to natural beauty, including the nearby Pikes Peak State Park. 

Residents and visitors enjoy small shops and waterfront strolls, making it a perfect spot for those who love a quiet life with plenty to see. McGregor also boasts a variety of outdoor activities, ensuring that life here is as relaxing as it is engaging.

Spirit Lake

These Are the Ideal Iowa Small Towns for Every Lifestyle

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For those who cannot get enough of water sports, Spirit Lake provides the ultimate lakeside lifestyle. As the largest natural lake in Iowa, Spirit Lake offers abundant opportunities for fishing, boating, and swimming. 

The town is lively during the summer, and tourists and residents enjoy the sunny weather and clear waters. It is a perfect place for anyone looking to live a laid-back life with a strong community feel. 

Plus, its proximity to several other lakes only multiplies your options for weekend getaways.


These Are the Ideal Iowa Small Towns for Every Lifestyle

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Home to Maharishi International University, Fairfield is popular with its diverse cultures and progressive ideas. The monthly First Fridays Art Walk and the outdoor summer concerts unite the community in celebration of art and music. 

Fairfield's mix of global culture and small-town Iowa charm makes it a unique place to live. It provides an environment where creativity and community flourish together.

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