Traveling to small towns is totally the vibe now, and Pennsylvania has some cool spots you've gotta check out. These towns pack a punch with their killer history, awesome vibes, and beautiful scenes that you won't find just anywhere.

Take Lititz, for instance, where you can wander around Broad Street, munch on some local chocolates, and feel the old-school charm all around you. Over in Ligonier, the vibe is super welcoming with an ancient amusement park and a town square that's like stepping into a time machine.

These are the five Pennsylvania small towns that you must visit if you are in this state. Trust me, they're fun, laid back, and waiting to show you a good time.


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Lititz is a small Pennsylvania town that feels like it came right out of a storybook. Walk down Broad Street and you are surrounded by history and the sweet smell of chocolate from the local Wilbur Chocolate shop. This town is known for its cool historical buildings and the oldest pretzel bakery in the US, Julius Sturgis. 

If you visit during July, you get to experience the longest-running Fourth of July celebration in the country. Lititz offers a cozy yet exciting vibe, making it a top pick for anyone looking to chill and explore.


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In Pennsylvania, Ligonier is the spot where history meets fun. This town was originally a fort area during the French and Indian War and now hosts Idlewild, one of the oldest amusement parks in the country. 

The Diamond, the town's central square, is a place of activity with shops and eateries that keep the place buzzing. Ligonier's friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. Ligonier delivers even if you are history buffs or just looking for a charming weekend escape.

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is where American history comes alive right before your eyes. Known for the battle of the Civil War, the town hosts a massive battlefield that is now a national park. 

You can tour the museum, check out the reenactments, or explore the historic homes like the Jennie Wade House. The town is packed with stories and landmarks that pull you back to the 1860s. For anyone amazed by America's past, Gettysburg is a must-visit destination.


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Ridgway in Pennsylvania serves as your entry point to the wild and beautiful Allegheny National Forest. The town itself boasts a collection of over 700 historic structures, making it a dream for architecture lovers. 

Ridgway was once known as the home of the most millionaires per capita in America. You can rent an antique mansion for the weekend and live like a Gilded Age baron. With its rich history and access to incredible natural scenery, Ridgway offers the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation.


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Bedford, Pennsylvania is the ideal spot for a laid-back weekend. The town is known for the luxurious Bedford Springs Resort, where ten US presidents have stayed. Its historic downtown is cute and compact, perfect for an afternoon stroll or some local shopping. 

Every year, Bedford attracts tens of thousands with its Fall Foliage Festival. If you are looking for a peaceful place with a rich past and charming streets, Bedford fits the bill perfectly.

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