Not like finding a four-leaf clover, booking the cheapest flights does not rely on sheer luck! There's a science to snatching those jaw-dropping airfare deals, and it all boils down to timing. In the ever-turbulent ocean of airfare prices, knowing when to book flights can be your lifesaver, keeping your wallet happy and your travel dreams within reach.

Ever heard the rumor that Sundays are the golden ticket for cheaper flights? Well, you heard right! Data crunched from millions of bookings reveal that booking your international escapade on a Sunday can shave off up to 13% of the cost. 

And let's not sideline those domestic flights-booking on a Sunday can still put a tidy 6% back in your pocket.

Why does this happen? Airlines adjust their prices based on real-time demand, not by the phases of the moon! But by targeting specific days, you play the odds better in your favor.

When to Book Flights for Maximum Savings — Try These Tips

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Timing Your Purchase Just Right

When you book flights, timing is everything. Sunday has emerged as the champion day to book your tickets, especially for international travel. By choosing to book flights on this day, you can potentially save an average of 13% compared to other days of the week. 

For domestic flights, the savings are still impressive, at about 6%. It is worth keeping an eye on prices throughout the week, as they can fluctuate frequently due to airlines' dynamic pricing strategies.

Set Alerts to Snag Deals

One smart way to book flights is by setting up price alerts. This will notify you when the airfares for your chosen destination drop or are expected to increase. Websites like Expedia offer this tool, and it helps you monitor prices without needing to check daily. 

You can rest easy knowing you will not miss out on a good deal. Price alerts can be a game-changer in how you book flights, making it easier to grab bargains as soon as they appear.

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Ideal Booking Window

To maximize savings when you book flights, it is important to hit the 'ideal booking window'. For international flights, try to book at least 60 days in advance. Doing so can save you around 10% off the regular price.

For domestic flights, the best time to book is about 28 days in advance, which can save you as much as 24%. These windows provide the best balance between fare availability and cost efficiency.

Be Smart About Travel Days

Choosing the right day to fly can make a significant difference in your travel budget. According to trends, Thursdays are usually the cheapest day to start an international flight. For domestic flights, Tuesdays can offer you a saving of about 15% compared to weekends. 

It always pays to look at a flight price calendar to see if adjusting your dates could lead to big savings. Sometimes, moving your trip by just a day or two can slash prices considerably.

After Booking, Keep Watching

Even after you book flights, there's still an opportunity to save. Keep tracking the price of the flights you've booked. If the price drops, some airlines and booking platforms will allow you to rebook at the lower price and refund the difference. 

Expedia's Price Drop Protection is a tool that automates this process for a small fee, or even for free if you're a premium member. This can lead to substantial savings, especially if you're booking for multiple people.

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