The Villa Vie Odyssey, a residential cruise ship, will soon embark on a unique, never-ending voyage around the world. Scheduled to launch from Belfast, Northern Ireland, on May 30, this 31-year-old vessel has been newly refurbished. 

It promises an innovative living experience at sea, visiting 425 ports in 147 countries across all seven continents.

Villa Vie Odyssey Unveils Revolutionary Around-the-World Living at Sea

(Photo : Villa Vie Residences)

Villa Vie Odyssey Offers Unique Life at Sea

Originally constructed in 1993 and previously known as MS Braemar, the ship underwent extensive refurbishments totaling $12 million after being purchased last year for $13 million. 

The renovations were aimed at updating the ship's facilities and ensuring it meets modern standards, preparing it for its new role under the Villa Vie brand.

The Villa Vie Odyssey offers various living options, from temporary stays to permanent residency with the choice to either rent or own. 

As per CNN, passengers, referred to as residents, have the flexibility to live on the ship from as little as 35 days to their entire lives. Every three and a half years, the ship's route is designed to follow the spring and summer seasons across the hemispheres, allowing residents to enjoy endless summer.

With a capacity of only 924 passengers, the ship provides an intimate setting that allows for longer port stays, ranging from two to seven days. This schedule offers residents a more in-depth experience in each destination compared to traditional cruises.

Accommodations on the Villa Vie Odyssey range from economical inside cabins to luxurious balcony suites. Prices are competitive, especially when compared to other residential cruise options, making it an attractive choice for long-term sea living. 

The ship features ample amenities, including three restaurants, a spa, a fitness center, and even a golf simulator, ensuring a comfortable and engaging environment for its residents.

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Villa Vie Odyssey Prepares for Global Voyage

Villa Vie Residences has secured a significant financial boost for its cruise ship, the Villa Vie Odyssey, with a new Term Loan Facility from NRP Maritime Asset Management AS as of April 26. 

This funding has facilitated the beginning of dry-dock operations for the Odyssey on April 28, with completion targeted for May 21. Originally scheduled to depart from Southampton, UK, on May 15, the Odyssey will now leave Belfast, Northern Ireland, on May 30.

The delay in the ship's departure is part of a strategic plan to enhance the safety and overall experience for its residents. Travel and Tour World shared that the Villa Vie Odyssey is currently undergoing extensive refurbishments, once known as MS Braemar, to provide a luxurious and adventurous lifestyle across seven continents.

Mikael Petterson, CEO of Villa Vie Residences, expressed excitement about the enhancements and the upcoming voyage. To assist residents affected by the schedule change, Villa Vie has set up a dedicated hotline and will cover any fees resulting from the new departure date.

Residents have the opportunity to explore the ship and its upgrades during tours available at the Belfast port. According to Kathy Villalba, COO of Villa Vie Residences, the excitement is building, with more than 80% of the cabins already sold.

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