Much like the celebs who hit up its sunlit boulevards, Cannes is a hotspot of cool and glam. Every year, when the Cannes Film Festival rolls in, the city lights up, transforming into a playground for the biggest names in film.

But the magic of Cannes goes way beyond film premieres and celebrity sightings. This city is a ticket to living large, offering a slice of the luxe life, star-studded or not.

Think epic beachfronts, iconic palm-lined streets, and boutiques so fancy you might just bump into a Hollywood star. Cannes has been the go-to spot for the rich and famous way before movies were even a thing, attracting everyone from European royalty to today's big-screen legends.

Here are the top spots in Cannes that will have you living like a star, blockbuster optional.

La Croisette

These are the Must-Visit Locations in Cannes for a Taste of Celebrity Life

(Photo : Gilbert Bochenek on Wikimedia Commons)

When you hit Cannes, your first stop has to be La Croisette. This legendary promenade is where the city's heart beats loudest, lined with palm trees and framed by the shimmering Mediterranean. Luxury shops, world-class hotels, and chic cafes dot this iconic strip. 

During the film festival, La Croisette transforms, buzzing with celebrities and film lovers alike, making it a prime spot for those who love to see and be seen.

Le Suquet

These are the Must-Visit Locations in Cannes for a Taste of Celebrity Life

(Photo : Jorge Láscar on Wikimedia Commons)

For a taste of Cannes before it became the background for international glitz, head to Le Suquet. This old quarter tells the tale of a small fishing village that grew into a celebrity haven. 

Wander through its narrow, winding streets and you will find yourself stepping back centuries. The area is crowned with a historic castle and church, offering stunning views over Cannes, perfect for those sunset photos that'll light up your Instagram feed.

Marché Forville

These are the Must-Visit Locations in Cannes for a Taste of Celebrity Life

(Photo : Iswoar on Wikimedia Commons)

No visit to Cannes is complete without a morning at Marché Forville. Here, locals and chefs gather to shop for the freshest produce, from just-caught seafood to vegetables and fragrant herbs. 

Dive into the heart of French culinary culture and maybe even pick up a snack or two - the socca, a chickpea pancake, is a must-try. The place acts as a market and a community hub where you can soak up authentic Cannes vibes.

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Lérins Islands

These are the Must-Visit Locations in Cannes for a Taste of Celebrity Life

(Photo : Rüdiger Stehn on Wikimedia Commons)

Just a short ferry ride from the bustling city lies the beautiful Lérins Islands. The contrast between the celebrity-packed streets of Cannes and the peaceful nature of these islands is striking. 

Explore Île Sainte-Marguerite, where you can visit an ancient fort and perhaps uncover tales of the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask. Next, hop over to Île Saint-Honorat to visit the Cistercian monks who make their home in a medieval abbey - they even produce their own wine!

Nightlife at Medusa

These are the Must-Visit Locations in Cannes for a Taste of Celebrity Life

(Photo : Medusa Cannes on Instagram)

As the sun sets, the scene shifts to the vibrant nightlife for which Cannes is famous. Medusa, a stellar beachfront venue, offers more than just dinner. It morphs into one of the hottest clubs around as the night progresses. 

Here, you can enjoy a spectacular cabaret show featuring dancers in elaborate costumes, all while dining under the stars. It is a favorite spot for both locals and the international elite, ensuring an unforgettable night out.

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