This is your chance to turn dreams into reality with Aurora Expeditions' 2025-26 season. Imagine sailing across crystal-clear icy waters, witnessing the untouched wilderness of Antarctica, or exploring the rugged beauty of Australia and New Zealand's Subantarctic Islands. Such a perfect adventure for an adventurous person like you!

Aurora Expeditions is rolling out a spectacular offer-Early Bird rates slashing prices by up to 25% on select voyages. Think about that for a second. Not only do you get to hop on the adventure of a lifetime, but you also get to do it without breaking the bank.

This season, Aurora Expeditions introduces eight bold new itineraries and welcomes a shiny new vessel, the Douglas Mawson. Each trip is a blend of thrill and education, designed to fuel your passion for the wild and expand your understanding of these remote landscapes.

Save Big and Dive Deep with Aurora Expeditions

Explore the Extreme: Save 25% with Aurora Expeditions
Douglas Mawson of Aurora Expeditions
(Photo : Aurora Expeditions)

Who does not love a great deal, especially when it leads to an epic adventure? With Aurora Expeditions, you can save up to 25% on your next big adventure, making this the perfect time to book that dream trip. 

This discount is not just about saving money-it is your gateway to experiencing some of the most remote and breathtaking places on Earth.

During the 2025-26 season, Aurora Expeditions offers more than just stunning views. You will sail aboard purpose-built ships like the brand-new Douglas Mawson, designed to get you closer to the action while ensuring your comfort and safety. 

These ships are small enough to provide an intimate setting but large enough to feature all the amenities necessary for a journey to the world's extremities.

If you are interested in joining this expedition, you can request a quote or contact them to see what is best for you and your journey. 

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About Aurora Expeditions

Back in 1991, Greg and Margaret Mortimer founded Aurora Expeditions, inspired by the spirit of adventure that was embodied by Sir Douglas Mawson's historic ship. 

Their mission was clear from the start: to bring small groups of like-minded travelers to some of the most spectacular regions on Earth, turning them into champions for conserving these pristine areas.

Today, more than thirty years later, Aurora Expeditions continues to blaze trails with the same fiery passion for adventure. They prefer keeping their groups small, which provides more peace and quiet and allows you to adapt swiftly if weather or water conditions change. This flexibility often means you can enjoy more excursions and landings.

Expeditions vary from 8 to 30 days, giving you the freedom to choose how long you want to explore and what parts of the world you want to see. If you're interested in focusing on one region or combining trips for an extended adventure, they have options to suit every explorer's schedule and interests.

You will travel with a top-tier expedition team of experts in remote areas to enrich your journey. Aurora Expeditions is an adventure provider and a proud Certified B CorporationTM️, committed to leading the way in sustainable expedition travel.

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