AirAsia Philippines is looking into starting direct flights to Boracay. This move aims to help decrease the heavy traffic at Manila's airports. The announcement came during the recent Boracay Business Forum, which officials from ASEAN countries and local leaders attended. 

The event highlighted the potential for tourism and investment in Boracay while emphasizing the need to keep the island's natural beauty intact.

AirAsia Philippines Proposes Direct Flights to Boracay, Aims to Cut Manila Congestion
AirAsia Philippines proposes direct flights to avoid Manila congestion.
(Photo : Jeffry Surianto on Pexels)

AirAsia Philippines Launches Direct Boracay Flights

Ricky Isla, CEO of AirAsia Philippines, shared the plan at the forum. He noted that the new direct route would make travel easier for tourists heading to the island. Currently, most travelers have to pass through Manila, causing congestion. 

By offering a direct flight, AirAsia Philippines hopes to attract more visitors directly to Boracay and reduce the load on Manila's airports.

In addition to that, according to Travel and Tour World, the airline has found that most of its Boracay-bound passengers are millennials and young professionals, along with older adults looking for a place to relax. These travelers mainly come from countries like the USA, China, the UK, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Canada. 

AirAsia Philippines has been successful, with an impressive 94% load factor this month, which means most of its flights are nearly full. The airline also boasts a good record of being on time, with 85% of its flights arriving and departing as scheduled.

Moreover, AirAsia Philippines is committed to responsible tourism. The airline has been working on reducing its carbon footprint, cutting down on carbon emissions significantly since 2016. It also supports travelers with its mobile app, which offers information on flights, hotels, restaurants, and activities in Boracay. 

This is part of a broader effort to make traveling easier and more enjoyable for its guests.

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AirAsia Philippines Boosts Pilot Hiring Efforts

Budget airline AirAsia Philippines recently held a large-scale pilot recruitment event to meet the rising travel demand and provide opportunities for aspiring pilots. The event, aligned with World Pilots Day, underscores the airline's commitment to bolstering its workforce in preparation for a surge in air travel.

As per Business Mirror, Isla emphasized that the recruitment drive is part of a broader effort to rejuvenate the aviation sector, which had seen a downturn during the pandemic. He stated that with the booming demand for travel, they are keen to open more doors for those passionate about aviation.

The event drew hundreds of applicants who participated in the selection process. Isla also noted that with over 300 aircraft scheduled for delivery to the AirAsia Aviation Group by 2035, the airline's prospects for employment and growth are promising.

Currently, AirAsia Philippines employs 138 captains and 116 first officers. As Labor Day nears, the airline is also looking to highlight the significant contributions of its over 2,000 employees, which are vital to maintaining flight safety and operational excellence.

In related news, the AirAsia Group plans to make Manila its hub for U.S. flights, with services expected to start by 2025, including destinations like Los Angeles.

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