A Scottish island for sale, known as Sanda Island, is currently on the market for $3.1 million. Positioned between Scotland and Northern Ireland, just off the southern tip of the Kintyre Peninsula, this 453-acre property features sandy beaches, many birds, including puffins, and historical sites linked to saints and kings. 

The offer includes Sanda and two smaller islands, Sheep Island and Glunimore Island.

Scottish Island for Sale Offers Pub, Puffins, and Peace for $3.1 Million
Sanda Island, a Scottish island for sale, is offered at $3.1 million.
(Photo : Rude Health on Wikimedia Commons)

Historic Scottish Island for Sale Offers Peace and Nature

Sanda Island boasts a rich history with connections to famous figures such as Scottish King Robert the Bruce and Norwegian King Hacon. 

According to CNN, the island also has a chapel linked to Saint Columba and Saint Ninian. The current owner, a Swiss businessman named Michi Meier, acquired the island in 2010. 

He is now selling it with seven houses, a pub, a helipad, and a flock of black-faced sheep. These sheep help maintain the island's landscape and are known as the "island lawnmowers."

The main attraction of the Scottish island for sale is the Byron Darnton Tavern, a pub named after a shipwreck near the island in 1946. It was once a bustling spot for visitors during the summer but has been closed since the island changed owners. 

The new owner will have the option to reopen it, as it still has an active alcohol license. This offers a potential business opportunity or a private retreat for the new owner.

Three generators currently supply energy on the island, but there is potential for future owners to explore renewable energy sources. 

The island's residential buildings have been recently refurbished, including new double glazing to improve energy efficiency. With breathtaking views and unique wildlife, this Scottish island for sale is a rare opportunity for those looking to own a piece of paradise or to develop a unique business venture.

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What You Can See at Sanda Island

Sanda Island, located near the Mull of Kintyre, is notable for its varied terrain and historical significance. The island is accessible via a short boat ride from Southend. Once owned by Paul Jones of Manfred Mann fame, the island includes a northeast pier built for the farm, which is the only structure apart from a distinctive lighthouse.

A source shared that the journey across Sanda Island starts at the pier, leading past the farm towards the only beach on the island. The path then winds through a small cemetery and a valley, opening up to stunning views of the west side with the lighthouse in the distance. 

This lighthouse is unusual in its design, featuring a small light tower on top of a rock, accessed by interconnected towers via a passageway.

The island also houses a unique accommodation block at the base of a cliff, adding to the quirky charm of Sanda. At night, the lighting in the lighthouse, powered by a 12-volt battery and a small engine, often requires the use of torches as it dims after a few hours. 

The living quarters, plagued by dampness due to their proximity to the rock face, are heated by coal fires and portable heaters, offering a rustic living experience.

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