So, you have got Cyprus on your radar? Great choice! This island, located in the eastern Mediterranean, packs a whole lot of diversity that might just surprise you. From the sun-kissed shores to the mountainous villages teeming with vineyards, there is no shortage of incredible spots to explore here.

Omodos, Cyprus
(Photo : Xaris333 on Wikimedia Commons)

Think about sipping on local wine in a village tucked in the Troödos Mountains or diving into the blue waters off the coast near Ayia Napa. And hey, if you are a history buff, the ancient ruins scattered across the island will have you hooked for days. If you are up for some serious beach time or eager to tread paths in lush forests, Cyprus has it all.

Want to learn more about the places you can visit in this country? I got you! Here are the best places you can travel to during your visit to Cyprus.

Omodos Village

Omodos Village, nestled in the Troödos Mountains, is a gem that you have to visit when in Cyprus. This spot is renowned for its wine production and picturesque streets. Wander around and you will stumble upon ancient wine presses where you can taste some of the finest local wines.

Do not miss the Monastery of the Holy Cross, a site brimming with religious artifacts and history. Time your visit for August and you will catch the annual wine festival, a perfect way to experience local traditions. Just make sure you have a designated driver because the wines are delightfully potent!


Platres is a charming village in the Troödos Mountains, offering a cooler alternative to the coastal heat. It is an ideal place for history buffs and nature lovers. Start with a hike to the stunning Millomeris Waterfalls, then take the Caledonia trail to reach another beautiful waterfall.

The Trooditissa Monastery is also nearby, offering peace and historical context in a serene setting. Combining a trip to Platres with a visit to Omodos provides a fulfilling day of exploration in the heart of Cyprus.

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Ayia Napa Beyond the Parties

Ayia Napa may be famous for its lively nightlife, but there is so much more to this area. Visit during the off-season for a more relaxed experience and enjoy the natural beauty without the crowds. Spend a day at the Blue Lagoon, relax on Nissi Beach, and explore the fascinating sea caves along the coast. Do not forget to visit the Love Bridge, especially at sunset, for unforgettable views. For something a bit different, consider booking a jeep safari or a relaxing cruise from Larnaca.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
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If you find yourself in Kakopetria, then it's your time to enjoy it! Situated high in the Solea Valley, this village offers beautiful landscapes and rich folklore. The story goes that it was named after a tragic accident involving a giant rock and a newlywed couple. Despite its somber legend, the village is filled with life and history.

Be sure to try the local loukoumades, a sweet treat you will not want to miss. Kakopetria is a living village with open arms, inviting everyone to explore its history and natural beauty.

Lefkara Village

Make sure Lefkara Village is on your list when you visit Cyprus. Famous for its exquisite lace and silverwork, this village has a rich heritage that artists have preserved through the centuries. Legend has it that even Leonardo da Vinci visited Lefkara to buy lace for the Duomo di Milano.

As you walk through the village, the streets and traditional houses feel like you travel back in time. The local shops are the perfect places to find unique, handcrafted souvenirs.

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