In London, a city bursting with must-see attractions, the Tower of London stands out as a top destination on nearly every traveler's list. This grand fortress, recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site, is the most complete 11th-century fortress palace still standing in Europe today. 

At the Tower, there is a wealth of experiences waiting for you. You have the chance to be amazed at the iconic Crown Jewels and dive into the Tower's darker history as a former prison and execution site. To help you make the most out of your precious time, we have gathered all the essential information you need for your visit to the Tower of London.

Here's What You Need to Know Before Visiting the Tower of London in England
Tower of London, UK
(Photo : Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

Best Time to Visit Tower of London

Hitting up the Tower of London? Timing is everything. Spring and autumn are your golden tickets to dodging those pesky crowds and enjoying London's weather at its best. If you land here in summer, you will bump into more people and spend more time in queues, so booking your tickets ahead is a smart move. Want to really dodge the crowds? Aim for a weekday morning right after the doors swing open. School holidays are like peak time at a theme park, so if you can, steer clear to have a bit more breathing room.

Grabbing Your Tickets

Getting into the Tower of London means you need a ticket. Skip the line and save some cash by booking online before you show up. There's a bunch of ticket types to pick from, including deals for families that can save you a bit of dosh. The official Tower website is where it's at for the latest prices and special offers. Last entry is one hour before they close the gates, but trust me, you will want at least three hours to wander around without having to rush through the cool stuff.

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Don't Miss This Stuff

Inside the Tower of London, it's like stepping into a history book, but way more fun. You absolutely can't miss seeing the Crown Jewels as they are literally dazzling. The White Tower is the OG part of the whole setup and it's packed with medieval vibes. Definitely catch a Beefeater tour - those guys know all the juicy gossip from back in the day. There's also the Royal Menagerie if you are into wild tales of exotic animals, and the execution sites if you're curious about the tower's grislier side. 

Getting There Is Easy

The Tower of London is located in the heart of the city, so getting there is a breeze. The Tower Hill tube station is your closest bet for underground travel. Buses drop off nearby too, which makes it super convenient. Fancy a scenic route? Hop on a Thames River Boat and get off at Tower Pier. Taxis work too but might hit your wallet harder. If you're up for it, walking from nearby spots like the Shard or Borough Market is a great way to soak in more of London.

Nearby Cool Spots

Since you are already at the Tower of London, why not check out what's around? Tower Bridge is just around the corner, and it's a stunner. Borough Market is a short walk away, offering up some of the tastiest treats in town. The Shard and its sky-high view of London is also close by. Pairing these spots with a visit to the Tower can fill your day with top-notch London experiences.

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