Aviation firefighters are planning a four-hour strike at several major Australian airports on April 15. This action comes after reports that these airports are not fully prepared for fires or aircraft incidents due to a lack of firefighting staff and equipment. The strike may cause travel disruptions, especially as it's happening at the end of the school holidays.

Australian Airports Face Risk as Aviation Firefighters Plan to Walk Off
Aviation firefighters in an Austrialian airport
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from 7News Australia on YouTube)

Firefighters Strike for Safety at Australian Airports

Aviation firefighters who specialize in dealing with fires at airports are about to stop working for four hours at some of the biggest Australian airports. This decision comes from their concern that these airports are not ready to handle serious emergencies like fires or aircraft problems. 

The Guardian revealed the airports mentioned include Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, all marked as facing "extreme risk" because they don't have enough firefighting gear or people. Sydney, Canberra, and Hobart airports are also on the alert list, but they are considered "high risk."

The United Firefighters Union of Australia (UFUA) has been talking with Airservices Australia, the government group in charge of air traffic control and airport firefighting, to get their attention on this issue. Despite discussions happening for some time, the problems are still there, leading to the planned strike on April 15. This date is crucial because it's when many people will be traveling at the end of school holidays.

Travel experts are worried that this strike could mess up travel plans for a lot of people. They hope the firefighters and Airservices Australia can solve their differences soon. Meanwhile, airports are making plans to keep things safe and running as smoothly as possible during the strike.

The firefighters' main requests include better staffing at airports to handle emergencies properly. They argue that without enough skilled staff and the right equipment, Australian airports are not as safe as they should be for travelers. As the strike date approaches, everyone hopes for a quick solution to keep safety the top priority at Australian airports.

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Rising Tensions at Australian Airports Over Safety and Pay Concerns

At Australian airports, a growing dispute between firefighters and their employer, Airservices Australia, is causing worry. This clash focuses on concerns over pay and the number of staff needed to keep airports safe. Starting April 15, tensions are expected to escalate, affecting not just workers but also travelers, including government officials.

Firefighters argue that Australian airports are not as safe as they should be. They claim there aren't enough people or equipment to deal with emergencies. 

This dispute is not just about pay. It's also about how many firefighters are available to respond if something goes wrong. According to The Mandarin, firefighters say they need more staff to handle everything from wearing safety gear to controlling fires effectively. They are worried that without more help, they can't keep everyone safe.

Airservices Australia, however, insists they have enough staff and are planning to spend a lot of money on new equipment and facilities for firefighting. They say the argument is not about safety but about how much firefighters get paid. They are offering an 11.2% pay raise over three years, but firefighters are asking for 20%.

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