Fairbanks International Airport is trying out a new kind of robot named Aurora to keep birds and other animals away from runways. This test is happening in Anchorage, Alaska, and might be used more widely if it works well. Aurora is built by Boston Dynamics, a company known for creating robots that move like animals.

Fairbanks International Airport Welcomes Aurora, The Wildlife Guard Dog Robot
Fairbanks International Airport introduces Aurora to scare animals
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Fairbanks International Airport Tests New Robot, Aurora, for Wildlife Safety

The airport in Fairbanks, Alaska, is working on making flights safer by using a robot. The robot, called Aurora, is designed to scare off animals that could be dangerous near runways. It can move in all directions, climb stairs, and even dance. It's made to work in Alaska's tough weather, including snow and water.

According to Simple Flying, some people worry that robots like Aurora could be used to watch them without their permission. But, Alaska's Department of Public Safety says Aurora will only patrol near runways to prevent accidents with animals. It won't be used to keep an eye on people. The robot will be watched closely to make sure it's safe and does its job right.

In 2023, Alaska had 93 incidents where airplanes hit birds or animals, causing problems. Fairbanks International Airport had 10 of these incidents. Using robots like Aurora could be a cheaper way to stop these accidents than hiring experts.

Fairbanks International Airport is joining other airports in using robots. For example, Emirates airline is testing check-in robots in Dubai. As technology improves, airports and airlines are finding new ways to use robots to help passengers and keep flights safe. Fairbanks International Airport's trial with Aurora is a step toward using more technology for safety and efficiency.

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Fairbanks International Airport to be Named After Congressman Don Young

Governor Mike Dunleavy has proposed a bill to change the name of Fairbanks International Airport to Don Young Fairbanks International Airport. This is to honor Don Young, Alaska's longest-serving congressman, who recently passed away. The new name, proposed on Jan 24, aims to remember Young's hard work for Alaska's transportation.

The Office of the Governor stated that Don Young worked hard to improve how people and goods move around Alaska. He was a big supporter of making the state's airports and roads better. Young worked in Alaska's government and then in Congress for many years. He helped make laws to update Alaska's air travel and make flying safer. Young also worked to make sure small airports could get money to stay safe and run well.

The Fairbanks International Airport's new name would show how much Young did for Alaska. Governor Dunleavy said renaming the airport is a great way to keep Young's achievements alive. He mentioned how Young's efforts are still helping both Alaskans and visitors every day.

This change means the Fairbanks International Airport will carry Don Young's name as a tribute. It celebrates a man who loved Alaska deeply and worked to make it a better place for everyone. The airport's new name will remind people of Young's dedication to improving travel and safety in Alaska.

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