Crystal Lagoons, an innovative multinational company, is expanding its presence in Europe by introducing Public Access LagoonsTM (PALTM) projects to major cities including Rome, Milan, Toulouse, Seville, and two additional Romanian cities. These projects, known for bringing beach life to urban areas, have already been successful in cities like Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Budapest.

Crystal Lagoons Brings Sustainable Beaches to Europe's Iconic Cities
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from the official website of Crystal Lagoons)

Crystal Lagoons Expands to Major European Cities

The PALTM projects will feature large crystalline lagoons suitable for swimming and water sports, surrounded by white sandy beaches. These lagoons are accessible to the public for an entrance fee. The areas around these lagoons will include residential spaces, hotels, stores, restaurants, and other commercial and entertainment facilities.

The sustainable technology of Crystal Lagoons has been a key factor in these developments. The company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, is known for its ability to create beach environments in various locations in a sustainable manner.

Lucian Azoiței, CEO of Forty Management, expressed excitement about the partnership with Crystal Lagoons, highlighting the potential to improve the quality of life in European cities through sustainable projects. 

"We are delighted that Crystal Lagoons, one of the world's most innovative companies, has chosen Forty Management to expand into Europe. In partnership, we will bring beach life to the most amazing European cities and improve the quality of life through sustainable projects," said Azoiței, according to Breaking Travel News.

Jean Pierre Juanchich, Global Business Director of Crystal Lagoons, also emphasized the innovative aspect of the company's technology, which enables the creation of beach life in unexpected urban locations.

This expansion by Crystal Lagoons signifies a growing trend of incorporating natural, leisure-oriented environments into urban landscapes, providing residents and visitors with unique recreational opportunities.

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Makes a Splash in Orlando with New Resort

Orlando, known for Disney World and Universal Studios, now boasts a new attraction: an 8-acre lagoon by Crystal Lagoons. The lagoon is part of the Evermore Orlando Resort, a massive tourism project near these famous theme parks. This development brings a beach experience to Orlando, a city without natural beaches.

The Crystal Lagoons innovation offers more than just a stunning lagoon. Hospitality Net reported that it surrounds Orlando's first Conrad hotel, a Hilton luxury brand, and includes various homes, villas, apartments, and an 18-hole golf course designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

Iván Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales at Crystal Lagoons US Corp, stated that hotel projects with a Crystal Lagoons feature become top attractions. The company is expanding its presence in the U.S., with over 275 projects, including notable ones like Aqua, Mirada, and Sole Mia.

The firm also focuses on Public Access LagoonsTM, or PALTM, with successful developments like Epperson in Florida and Lago Mar in Texas. Recently, the company announced a venture to create four more PALTM complexes in Texas.

Crystal Lagoons is reshaping leisure and hospitality in Orlando, blending luxury accommodations with its signature man-made lagoon, offering a unique vacation experience in one of the U.S.'s most visited destinations.

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