Croatia has made a big step in tourism by focusing on sustainability. The country's Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, was awarded the Kristofor medal by the ADAC, a major European automobile club. This award recognizes her work in promoting tourism that cares for the environment and the community.

Croatia's Innovative Tourism Act Leads the Way in Europe
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Croatia Leads in Sustainable Tourism, Earns Prestigious Award

The Croatian government has been working hard to develop tourism in a way that protects the environment and improves life for both tourists and locals. The Tourism Act, a first-of-its-kind law in Croatia, focuses on using data to guide the growth of tourism, ensuring resource conservation and enhancing the visitor experience.

The Kristofor medal highlights the successful and long-term partnership between Croatia and the ADAC. According to Travel and Tour, it underscores Croatia's role as a leader in sustainable tourism. This recognition is part of a larger appreciation of Croatia's work in tourism, with global organizations like the World Tourism Organization and the European Commission praising the country's innovative approach.

The European Commission has even used Croatia's methods as a prime example in its strategic tourism document, the "Transition Path for Tourism," which plans for sustainable tourism development until 2030. Additionally, financial support for these efforts is provided through the NPOO, demonstrating Croatia's all-around strategy to improve its tourism sector.

Minister Brnjac expressed great pride in Croatia being known worldwide as a leader in sustainable tourism development. She highlighted that Croatia's unique Tourism Act allows each destination to grow sustainably based on accurate data. She believes Croatia's good practices will guide tourism development in other European and global locations.

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Boosts Tourism with FC Bayern Munich Partnership and New Initiatives

The Croatian Tourist Board took major steps to make Croatia a top tourist spot in 2024. They decided to team up with the famous football club FC Bayern Munich and introduce new plans to attract more visitors.

One big move is a call to create destination management companies. These companies will help make unique travel experiences for different kinds of tourists. Also, there's a plan to work with well-known Croatian athletes for marketing in 2024.

As per Croatia Week, these destination companies are important for making the tourist season longer and bringing more people to Croatia beyond summer. Last year, they helped with over 26 million overnight stays, about 25 percent of Croatia's total.

The Council is putting nearly 3 million euros into partnerships with big foreign travel companies and airlines like TUI, easyJet holidays, and Ryanair. This is to make Croatia more known in the world of travel.

Marketing efforts will also include working with the Croatian Ski Association and the Croatian Football Federation until 2026 and 2027. They will use ski events and football matches to promote Croatia.

Croatia's effort to work with FC Bayern Munich is a big part of their plan. It will help keep Croatia popular in Germany. The tourism board will also advertise on platforms like Expedia and focus on markets in the UK, Sweden, and the USA.

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