Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia's new national airline, has teamed up with Sabre Corporation, a leader in travel technology. This partnership aims to improve Riyadh Air's operations and increase its profits using Sabre's advanced Network Planning and Optimization tools. The airline is set to begin flying in 2025 and this collaboration marks an important step in its preparations.

Riyadh Air Sets New Standards in Airline Efficiency with Sabre
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Riyadh Air Partners with Sabre for Advanced Travel Technology

With the said collaboration, the deal includes Sabre's top solutions like Sabre Schedule Manager, Sabre Slot Manager, Sabre Profit Manager, and Sabre Market Intelligence - Global Demand Data (GDD). PR Newswire reported that these tools will help Riyadh Air make better decisions about flight schedules, manage airport slots, forecast demand, and understand market trends. This should lead to more profits and a better flying experience for passengers.

Vincent Coste, Chief Commercial Officer at Riyadh Air, highlights that Sabre's technology will help Riyadh Air make smart choices for its network and business. This will bring in more money, which Riyadh Air can use to improve passenger experiences. Riyadh Air carefully chose Sabre as a key partner in its journey towards its first flight.

Sabre Schedule Manager helps airlines use their planes more effectively and increase profits. Sabre Slot Manager automates the management of airport slots, which is important for airlines flying to busy airports. As per the report, Sabre Profit Manager forecasts demand and profitability, offering a chance for Riyadh Air to increase revenues by up to 2%. Sabre Market Intelligence provides data for Riyadh Air to spot new money-making opportunities.

This alliance between Riyadh Air and Sabre shows their dedication to using the latest technology for sustainable growth and better efficiency. Sabre's Network Planning and Optimization solutions are well-known in the industry, supporting over 90 global customers, including major airlines. These tools help airlines plan and schedule flights effectively, supporting their growth and success.

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Riyadh Air Partners with Accenture for Digital Advancements in Aviation

In December 2023, Riyadh Air announced a three-year partnership with Accenture, a major technology services company, to build its digital capabilities. This collaboration is part of Riyadh Air's goal to become the world's first digitally native airline. Accenture will develop a cloud-based infrastructure, enhance cybersecurity, and provide managed services for Riyadh Air, supporting its upcoming launch.

Riyadh Air plans to revolutionize air travel by integrating advanced digital services, including cloud data and artificial intelligence. Accenture shared that this strategy aims to offer a smooth experience for passengers and staff. The airline's digital core will allow it to grow, aiming to reach over 100 destinations by 2030.

Adam Boukadida, Riyadh Air's Chief Financial Officer, emphasized the importance of technology in providing top-quality service. He highlighted the extensive behind-the-scenes work, with Accenture as a key technology partner, in building and securing these capabilities.

Emily Weiss, Accenture's Senior Managing Director and leader of its global Travel practice, remarked on the significance of launching a new, technology-driven airline like Riyadh Air. She expressed pride in Accenture's role in shaping the future of travel.

Boukadida also noted that Accenture's support is crucial for Riyadh Air's cloud-first approach, ensuring a modern, secure, and automated technology framework.

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