Qatar Airways, a leading global airline, has recently joined hands with gategroup, a renowned catering company, to improve the dining experience for passengers on their flights. This new partnership, announced by both companies, aims to boost the quality of inflight meals and overall customer satisfaction.

Qatar Airways, gategroup Forge New Partnership for Superior Culinary Services
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Qatar Airways Partners with gategroup to Enhance Inflight Dining

Qatar Airways is known for its commitment to top-notch aviation services. With this new collaboration, the airline seeks to enhance the inflight dining experience further. The partnership will focus on various aspects, including creating innovative menus, sourcing high-quality ingredients, promoting healthy eating, and emphasizing sustainability.

Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, the Chief Executive of Qatar Airways Group, expressed excitement about the partnership with gategroup. He highlighted that it would strengthen the Qatar Airways brand by offering refined culinary experiences in flight and their lounges at Hamad International Airport. Al-Meer believes that the collaboration will set new standards for inflight dining.

Christoph Schmitz, the CEO of gategroup, shared his enthusiasm for working with Qatar Airways. He sees this partnership as a journey filled with opportunities for growth and innovation. According to Inflight, the Doha-based culinary team of gategroup will play a key role in developing a special culinary studio for Qatar Airways. This studio will focus on innovation and the efficient creation of new menus.

The partnership aims to use high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. This approach supports local businesses and focuses on sustainability. The combined efforts will enhance the taste and quality of the food and explore new revenue streams while optimizing operational efficiency.

Qatar Airways' partnership with gategroup marks a significant step in redefining inflight dining. It promises to bring a mix of culinary creativity and operational excellence, setting the stage for a new era in the airline's inflight services.

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Qatar Airways to Focus on 777F Freighters, Retires Last 747-8F

Qatar Airways is making big changes in its cargo division. The airline is saying goodbye to its last Boeing 747-8F cargo plane. From now on, Qatar Airways Cargo will use the twin-engine 777F freighter. This includes the 777-8F model, which Qatar Airways will start using in 2027.

Recently, Liesbeth Oudkerk, a top official at Qatar Airways Cargo, shared these plans. She spoke at the Cargo Facts EMEA event in Amsterdam. Oudkerk explained that Qatar Airways is focusing on the 777F for its cargo flights.

In a report released by Simple Flying, the last Boeing 747-8F in Qatar Airways' fleet is known as A7-BGB. This plane recently flew from Guangzhou in China to Doha, Qatar. The airline's other 747-8F, named A7-BGA, is now registered in the United States as N634UP. It's at the Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport and may become a UPS plane.

Qatar Airways has a big order for the Boeing 777-8F. The airline will be the first to use this new cargo plane. They plan to have 50 of these planes, with 34 already ordered and an option for 16 more. Along with this, Qatar Airways is also getting Boeing 737 MAX 10 planes. They started using the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in May 2023.

Right now, Qatar Airways has a large fleet of 27 Boeing 777Fs. They are waiting for one more 777F, not counting the new 777-8F planes. This change shows Qatar Airways' commitment to using more modern and efficient cargo planes.

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