How nice would it be to travel from one country to the other in a pair of warm and comfy pajamas? Especially for business travelers, the only time that they could breathe in a little air, de-stress for a while and take a break from all the stress and work is when they're flying on a plane, on their way to face more work. Fortunately, Qatar Airways have just found a solution for that.

The airline just recently launched a new partnership with White Shirt Company to maximize the passengers' luxurious experience. The main purpose of the partnership is for the White Shirt Company to provide sleep-wears to Qatar Airways passengers.

The Qatar Airways have always been committed to providing the best service that they can offer to their passengers, which made them come up with an idea to make their passengers' traveling way more comfortable. The sleepwear is exclusive for first class and business travelers which are separately designed for men and women. For men, the so-called "sleeper suits" are styled in charcoal gray marl, and for women, on the other hand, are mid-gray. The sleeper suits are made out of a hundred percent cotton. They also have a matching pair of slippers that are made up of cotton as well with faux fur as the slippers' interior sole to make it more comfortable and warm.

The luxurious passenger experience will go for three years as this is what the company and the airline have agreed to. Furthermore, there will be an addition to the designs and colors of the sleeper suits as the time goes on. They could add sleeper suits for children - who knows? But this is definitely a good idea. The sleepwear will debut in Business Class in the first few months of 2017. Tune in on Travelers Today for more travel updates, news, and tips.