Major airlines in the U.S. reacted to the recent shooting incident which occurred in Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood airport in Florida. The airlines offered their condolences and issued travel waivers. Several people were shot when a gunman opened fire at helpless passengers last Friday, January 6.

The shooting happened on the baggage claim section at the airport. Since then, the airport has closed operations indefinitely and said on twitter that the passengers contact their airlines for the status of their flights. According to Fox News, here is the tweet from Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood airport management:

"All services are temporarily suspended at #FLL. Please contact your air carrier about your flight information."

Some of the airlines which gave their reactions through Twitter are American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. They tweeted their reaction with condolences to the victims and some confirmed that they have suspended their operations.

The tweet from United offered their condolences, confirmed that the incident did not happen in their terminal, and told passengers to standby for operation updates. Southwest Airlines also offered their condolences and said that a ground stop is in effect at Ft. Lauderdale airport until further notice. JetBlue Airways tweeted that if one has booked to or from Fort Lauderdale, to please check  for info about flight status or changing your flight. American Airlines tweeted offered their condolences and expressed their thanks that all of their staff are accounted for and safe.

A communications consultant for Southwest airlines, Ms. Lisa Tiller, sent a statement to Fox News. She said that they are deeply saddened by the recent tragic events. She also said that to their knowledge, no Southwest customers were injured in the shootings. Ms. Tiller made known that Southwest operates from both domestic and international operations from Terminal 1, and that they are in the process of making sure the well-being of their employees.