A powerful storm is causing major problems in Southern California. Heavy rains, dangerous winds, and flash floods have hit the area. This has led to a "high risk" warning for flash flooding in places like Los Angeles. The situation got so bad that the California Governor declared a State of Emergency in several Southern California counties. Travel is greatly affected, with warnings lasting through Sunday night into Monday.

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Severe Storm Hits Southern California with Flash Floods and Travel Woes

Southern California is facing a severe weather crisis. A massive storm has brought heavy rains and strong winds to the region, leading to dangerous flash floods. This extreme weather has put nearly 11 million people in the greater Los Angeles area under Flash Flood Warnings.

The storm started on Sunday and is expected to continue into Monday, causing widespread issues. Southern California's roads and travel networks are heavily impacted. FOX Weather reported that in some areas, rainfall rates have reached up to 1.5 inches per hour. This is a lot, considering Los Angeles usually only gets about 3.38 inches of rain in the whole month of January.

To deal with the crisis, California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a State of Emergency for several counties in Southern California. This includes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and a few others. The declaration is meant to help with storm response and recovery efforts.

Emergency services in Southern California are on high alert. The state has prepared a record number of 8,500 emergency responders. They are ready to handle flooding, landslides, and travel emergencies.

Travel in Southern California is particularly challenging. Roads are flooded, and the risk of mudslides and debris flows is high. People are advised to be extremely cautious if they need to travel.

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The National Weather Service in Los Angeles has issued strong warnings. They stress that the threat of widespread and dangerous flash flooding is significant through Monday.

As the storm lingers, the number of power outages in California continues to increase. This, combined with the severe weather, is disrupting travel and daily life across Southern California. People are urged to stay informed and follow safety guidelines to navigate through this challenging time.

Severe Storm Causes 400 Mudslides in Southern California

Southern California is facing a crisis with nearly 400 mudslides due to a severe storm. This storm, one of the wettest in the area's history, brought more than half a season's rain to Los Angeles in just two days. Even though the rain is lessening, Southern California remains on high alert.

In Southern California, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for San Diego County, but it was soon canceled. As per Yahoo! News, this storm has not caused any deaths in Los Angeles, but seven people have died in other parts of Southern California and nearby areas. This includes one person near the California-Mexico border.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has thanked the city's people for staying safe and asks them to remain cautious. The storm, which started on Sunday, could still bring heavy rains to Southern California. This is a big worry because the ground is already very wet.

Emergency teams in Southern California have responded to 383 mudslides. Seven buildings are too damaged to live in, and ten more are partly damaged. The city's emergency shelters are full because of the storm.

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