Storm Jocelyn is creating severe travel disruptions in the United Kingdom, affecting train services between England and Scotland. As of Tuesday afternoon, the storm, marked by high winds and heavy rains, has led to major travel advisories and altered train schedules.

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Storm Jocelyn Causes Major Travel Disruptions Across UK

The United Kingdom is currently grappling with significant travel disruptions due to Storm Jocelyn, a powerful weather system bringing high winds and heavy rainfall. Rail passengers are strongly advised not to travel between England and Scotland as of Tuesday afternoon. This warning comes in response to the storm's severe impact, which has necessitated changes in train services to ensure public safety.

In particular, Storm Jocelyn's arrival has caused major disruptions to rail services. For instance, The Telegraph reported that Avanti West Coast announced alterations to its usual schedule. Trains from London Euston to Scotland, normally continuing to Glasgow Central, are now terminating at Preston. This change directly results from the storm's severity and is intended to prevent potential accidents or delays amidst the extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, the storm has triggered widespread power outages, adding to the travel woes. Approximately 14,000 customers lost power due to the high winds caused by Storm Jocelyn, following already existing outages from the previous storm. These power issues complicate travel, affecting railway operations and other related infrastructure.

Storm Jocelyn, the tenth named storm since September, marks one of the busiest storm seasons since such naming practices began in 2015. Its impact is not limited to rail travel; road users also face challenges. The heavy rainfall and strong winds make driving conditions hazardous, particularly in northern parts of the country, where the storm is hitting hardest.

Authorities continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary. They urge the public to stay informed and take necessary precautions to ensure safety during this tumultuous period. The situation underscores the importance of heeding weather warnings and being prepared for sudden changes in travel plans during such extreme weather events.

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Hits Ireland with Severe Weather Warnings

Storm Jocelyn has reached Ireland, bringing with it heavy winds and warnings of dangerous weather. The country is still dealing with the aftermath of Storm Isha, and now faces more challenges with Jocelyn's arrival. As of Tuesday evening, 16,000 locations are without power due to Isha, and an additional 18,000 have lost power because of Storm Jocelyn. Officials say some areas will be without electricity for several days, according to the Irish Examiner.

Ireland is under two orange warnings in Galway, Mayo, and Donegal, and a yellow warning in other parts. Met Éireann, the weather service, predicts very strong winds, big waves, and risks of damage to buildings and power lines. Travel is also affected, with eight flights cancelled from Dublin Airport and two redirected to Shannon Airport.

Repair crews are working hard. Since yesterday, they have restored power to 178,000 places, but 57,000 are still without electricity. The west and northwest, especially Donegal, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, and Cavan, are the most impacted areas.

Met Éireann's Joanna Donnelly advises caution, as strong winds will affect many parts of the country throughout the day. The situation is being closely monitored and efforts to restore normalcy are ongoing.

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