Storm Isha wreaked havoc across Ireland, particularly in Galway, Mayo, and Donegal, where thousands have lost power. The storm, which brought fierce winds and heavy rain, caused a shed in Dublin to be lifted 20 feet into the air. A clock tower in Galway's Eyre Square also collapsed due to the storm.

Storm Isha Unleashes Havoc Across Ireland with Destructive Gusts, Power Outages
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Storm Isha Hits Ireland with Destructive Force

Over 170,000 homes and businesses are without electricity, with the west coast being the hardest hit. Travel has been severely impacted, with numerous flight cancellations and road travel advisories in place.

As Storm Isha continues to batter Ireland, thousands are left without electricity. The storm, which hit hardest in Galway, Mayo, and Donegal, has caused significant damage. 

According to The Irish Sun, Galway and Mayo were on high alert from 5 pm due to the storm's destructive gusts. One of the startling incidents was a shed being lifted 20 feet into the air in Dublin. Additionally, a historic clock tower in Eyre Square, Galway, fell due to the storm's strength.

The power outages, affecting more than 170,000 homes and businesses, are concentrated in the western coastal counties. Counties like Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, and Kerry are experiencing the worst of these outages. The ESB (Electricity Supply Board) has stated that their teams are working on restoring power but expect more outages as Storm Isha moves across the country.

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Travel has been significantly disrupted. As per the news source, Dublin Airport reported over 100 flight cancellations, and there have been cancellations and speed restrictions in bus and rail services, respectively. The National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management has advised the public to avoid coastal areas and be cautious when traveling, especially in counties under the Status Red warning.

The Road Safety Authority has also urged people in the affected areas to avoid any travel during the storm. Despite efforts to manage the situation, the majority of those affected are likely to remain without power overnight. With localized flooding also possible, Storm Isha poses a continued risk to Ireland.

Causes Major Disruption Across the UK

Storm Isha has also brought powerful winds and heavy rain to the UK, leading to serious warnings and widespread disruptions. The Met Office issued two amber wind warnings, predicting dangerous gusts up to 90mph from Sunday evening to Monday. These strong winds pose a threat to life and have already caused travel problems.

The Independent stated that rail services across the country faced delays and cancellations, with a speed limit of 50mph imposed for safety. All freight and passenger trains were halted from Sunday night to Monday morning. In addition, a rare tornado watch was announced for Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland, and northern England.

The UK faced an amber wind warning, with predictions of 70mph winds inland and 80mph near the coast. Yellow wind and rain warnings covered other parts of the country. The Met Office stressed the unusual nature of such widespread warnings, indicating the severity of Storm Isha. This storm is the ninth named storm to hit the UK this season, caused by more active jet streams due to cold air from North America.

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