A severe east coast storm has led to multiple deaths in the Northeast and New England. The storm, which began in Florida, has caused extensive power outages, flooding, and damage throughout the region, with emergency services responding to numerous incidents.

East Coast Storm Unleashes Fury: High Winds, Flash Flooding, and Power Outages Across Northeast
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East Coast Storm Causes Havoc Across Northeast and New England

The east coast storm, which first hit Florida with tropical-storm-like conditions, has unleashed its fury across the Northeast and New England. Several deaths have been reported, and hundreds of thousands are without power as the storm moves through the region.

In Massachusetts, a man was trapped and killed when a tree fell on his trailer due to the storm's high winds and heavy rain. In South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York, cars were found submerged with people inside, victims of the rising floodwaters.

The storm's impact was also felt in Florida on Saturday and prompted Flash Flood Emergencies along the South Carolina coast on Sunday. The timing is particularly challenging as many Americans are preparing for pre-Christmas travel.

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According to Fox Weather, the storm brought heavy rain, strong winds, and flash flooding from New York and New Jersey up into New England by Monday. These conditions are expected to persist throughout most of the day.

The Plymouth County District Attorney's Office in Massachusetts highlighted the dangers of the storm, with a tree falling onto a travel trailer. Other reports indicate similar incidents across the affected states.

Power outages are a significant concern, with high wind gusts causing trees and limbs to fall, disrupting power lines. Utility crews are working diligently to restore power and clear debris. The storm's strong winds have even approached hurricane strength in some areas, with the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts, reporting a top wind gust of 90 mph.

Road closures and school shutdowns have been widespread due to flooding and wind damage. The National Weather Service office in Philadelphia/Mount Holly reported several areas with 2 to 5 inches of rain, with more expected. Authorities have advised against driving through flooded areas and around barricades.

In New Jersey, Nutley Police Department reported several road closures due to flooding, with rescues of stranded drivers. The east coast storm continues to challenge the region, with ongoing concerns for flooding and power outages.

East Coast Storm Causes Tragedy and Disruption

A severe east coast storm has brought devastation and loss, claiming at least two lives and impacting millions with power outages and travel disruptions. As the storm raced up the East Coast on Monday, it left a trail of destruction from Florida to Maine, with tragic consequences.

In Windham, Maine, a 40-year-old man, Troy Olsen, died after being hit by part of a tree while clearing a branch from his roof. Windham Police Chief Kevin O. Schofield confirmed the incident in a statement, stating Olsen was pronounced dead at the scene, NBC News reported.

Another life was lost in Hanover, Massachusetts, where an 89-year-old man, Robert Horky of Hingham, suffered fatal injuries. He was in a travel trailer when a tree struck it on Monday morning. Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz reported that Horky was hospitalized with severe head trauma and later passed away.

The powerful east coast storm also caused significant disruptions in several states. Nearly 750,000 homes and businesses lost power, affecting people from New Jersey to the U.S.-Canada border. The storm's impact was felt in urban areas, where roads were flooded and small streams overflowed. Additionally, pre-holiday flights faced cancellations and delays, affecting thousands of travelers.

In Cohasset, Massachusetts, a mother and her infant narrowly escaped with minor injuries when a branch hit their vehicle. Cohasset police reported the incident, highlighting the widespread dangers of the east coast storm.

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