Emirates, a major international airline, has become a member of The Solent Cluster in the UK. This initiative focuses on reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Southern England. Emirates joins over 100 members, including the University of Southampton and ExxonMobil. The Cluster plans to build a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) plant, aiming to start production in 2032. This plant could significantly reduce CO2 emissions by producing cleaner fuel.

Emirates Steps Up for Climate with The Solent Cluster Initiative
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Emirates Joins UK's Solent Cluster for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Emirates has recently joined The Solent Cluster, a UK-based initiative committed to cutting down carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the South Coast of England. This move highlights Emirates' ongoing efforts to support environmentally friendly aviation practices.

The Solent Cluster collaborates with various international organizations, including manufacturers, regional businesses, logistic companies, academic institutions, and now, Emirates. This partnership focuses on creating low-carbon solutions for industries, transportation, and households. 

As per Breaking Travel News, one of the key projects under this initiative is the development of a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) plant. With an estimated production capacity of 200,000 tonnes per year, this plant, expected to begin operations in 2032, could significantly reduce CO2 emissions in aviation.

Emirates' involvement in The Solent Cluster is part of its broader commitment to sustainable aviation. In the past year, the airline has made notable strides in this area, including conducting demonstration flights using 100% SAF and partnering with Neste for SAF supply in Amsterdam and Singapore. Moreover, Emirates made history by using SAF for commercial flights from its Dubai hub in October 2023.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, expressed pride in joining The Solent Cluster. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving long-term adoption of sustainable fuels within the airline network. The initiative is not only expected to foster clean energy innovation but also to positively impact the local economy and create new job opportunities.

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Dr. Lindsay-Marie Armstrong of the University of Southampton highlighted the significance of this collaboration across public, private, and academic sectors. She pointed out that this initiative is crucial for the Solent region, known for high CO2 emissions from energy-intensive manufacturing.

The Solent Cluster aims to introduce sustainable fuels for local transportation, including aviation and shipping, and to provide low-carbon energy solutions for the region.

Emirates Offers Easy Visa-on-Arrival for Indian Travelers

Emirates has made travel easier for some Indian passport holders. Now, they can get a visa when they arrive in Dubai. This is for those who fly with Emirates and meet certain conditions.

The new system lets travelers get a 14-day, single entry visa. This means they can enter the UAE once and stay for up to two weeks. The process is handled by the Dubai Visa Processing Centre, a group that works with Emirates to manage UAE visas.

To be eligible, Khaleej Times shared that Indian travelers need a normal passport for at least six months. They also need a valid US visa, green card, or residency in the EU or UK that's good for six months.

This service has been around since 2017, but the new part is that Emirates customers can arrange their visa before they travel. This makes getting through customs at the airport faster and simpler. The cost for this service is $47, plus a service fee of $18.50.

The decision to give a visa is up to the UAE's General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

Applying is easy. Once a customer books a flight, they can go to the Emirates website and find their booking. There, they'll see an option to 'Apply for a UAE visa.' This takes them to a website run by VFS Global Services. It has all the information on how to apply.

From January to October 2023, Dubai welcomed two million visitors from India for overnight stays.

Emirates flies to nine cities in India. These are Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram, with 167 flights every week.

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