Moxy Hotels, a part of Marriott Bonvoy's extensive hotel collection, has announced a unique partnership with Sanctuary, a leading digital astrology platform. This collaboration introduces a special concept in travel, blending astrology and adventure to create one-of-a-kind experiences for travelers worldwide.

Moxy Hotels Teams Up with Sanctuary for Starry-Eyed Adventures in 2024
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Moxy Hotels Teams Up with Sanctuary for Unique Astrology-Based Travel Experiences

The partnership unveils "Cosmic Curations," where Moxy and Sanctuary combine forces to offer travelers personalized travel suggestions. The Sanctuary app will now include free personalized advice on the best travel dates, locations, and companions, all specifically chosen for Moxy Hotels destinations around the world. 

Additionally, Sanctuary's social media channels and Moxy's website will offer astrology-based travel tips and interactive content. This initiative aims to craft an unforgettable travel year for guests, regardless of when they travel.

Upon arriving at Moxy Hotels globally, Breaking Travel News reported that guests will be greeted with new and playful experiences. These include a "Sip by Sign" menu featuring cocktails and coffee with astrological designs, adding a cosmic touch to the guest experience right from check-in. Moxy Hotels also adds an astrological spin to their "Bedtime Stories" program, offering guests the chance to listen to 2024 predictions, enjoy a calming Sound Bath, or delve into Dream Interpretations using the in-room phone.

Each Moxy Hotel location will offer its own special events and programs. For example, guests can experience Aura Photography at Moxy Virginia Beach or join a full moon watch party at Moxy Lisbon City. These unique activities are designed to enhance the stay of guests by connecting them with their astrological signs in fun and engaging ways.

Brian Povinelli of Marriott International highlights that this partnership allows guests to experience travel in a new, playful way, while Ross Clark, CEO of Sanctuary, expresses excitement over providing guests with astrologically-curated guides for their adventures. 

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The year 2024 is expected to be significant astrologically, with major transitions that encourage bold travel choices. This partnership between Moxy Hotels and Sanctuary is set to make travel more exciting and personalized, aligning perfectly with the adventurous spirit of the year.

Moxy Hotels Opens Its First Location in India at Bengaluru Airport

Moxy Hotels is excited to open its first hotel in India, named Moxy Bengaluru Airport Prestige Tech Cloud. This new hotel is located just 10 minutes from Kempegowda International Airport in North Bangalore. It's a great spot for both locals and travelers to enjoy a playful and adventurous stay.

The Moxy Bengaluru Hotel is close to many famous spots in the city. Visitors can check out the ISKCON Temple, St. Mary's Basilica, and the National Gallery of Modern Art. For those interested in aviation and technology, the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum and the historic Opera House are nearby.

This hotel is designed with Bengaluru's love for art, music, and design in mind. According to Marriott International, its lobby has a cool, industrial-chic look with local art, a graffiti wall, and lots of fun areas perfect for photos. There's also a space for games, a library, and areas for both work and play. Guests can enjoy a 24/7 fitness center, a big outdoor pool, parking, and an airport shuttle.

Moxy Hotels in Bengaluru offers 128 modern rooms, including six suites. These rooms have smart features like LED lights, keyless entry, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel has flexible furniture to meet guests' needs.

For food and drinks, there's Bar Moxy and Moxy Kitchen & Pickups, offering tasty options all day. The hotel also has Layover, a lively pool bar with a DJ Booth.

Moxy Bengaluru Airport Prestige Tech Cloud is ready to offer a new and exciting experience to its guests, blending local culture with modern comfort.

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