A recent storm system causes travel troubles across the U.S. after creating blizzard conditions in the central and northern Plains. As it moves east, millions face potential delays returning home post-holidays. The weakened storm threatens road safety with snow and ice, and brings dense fog and heavy rain to the East Coast, affecting both road and air travel.

Travel Troubles Loom as Winter Storm Moves East After Holidays
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Travel Troubles Expected as Storm Moves East After Holidays

A storm system that produced blizzard conditions across the central and northern Plains over Christmas is causing travel troubles as it moves east. Millions returning home after the holidays are likely to face delays and difficulties. The storm, which has weakened, will continue to affect travel through Wednesday and beyond, with a combination of ice and snow creating hazardous road conditions in parts of Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Missouri.

According to NBC News, in recent days, the storm has brought heavy snowfall to various locations: Spearfish, South Dakota, received 14.6 inches; Chadron, Nebraska, had 13 inches, and several places in Colorado saw more than a foot. Even the Denver metro area experienced varying amounts of snow, from half an inch to over 6 inches.

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The East Coast also deals with travel troubles due to dense fog and heavy rain. This weather is expected to bring significant rain and potential flooding to the mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and New England from Wednesday into Thursday. Major airport hubs like Reagan National, Philadelphia, Newark, La Guardia, JFK, and Boston Logan are anticipated to face substantial delays due to the combination of morning fog and afternoon and evening rain.

On Thursday, the storm will bring light rain and snow showers to the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Ohio River Valley. A light icy mix may affect the Ohio Valley and the Tennessee River Valley by Thursday night into Friday. Even southern locations, such as parts of Tennessee and northern Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, might see light snow or flurries, though little to no accumulation is expected.

Travelers should be prepared for varied weather conditions, including snow, ice, rain, and fog, which could significantly impact road and air travel across multiple regions in the coming days.

Travel Troubles Hit U.S. on Christmas Day Due to Severe Weather

On Dec. 25, various parts of the United States faced significant travel troubles due to harsh weather conditions. The storm, which moved eastward, caused heavy rain along the Interstate 55 corridor, impacting cities like Chicago and St. Louis. This led to slow driving conditions and airport delays, particularly in Memphis (MEM) and Nashville (BNA). By the afternoon, airports in Atlanta (ATL) and Miami (MIA) also experienced delays.

The Weatherbug also reported that the situation was severe in the Dakotas and Nebraska, where blizzard conditions made travel extremely difficult, if not impossible. Highways such as Interstate 80 and 90, crucial for east-west travel, were heavily affected. North-to-south routes like U.S. Routes 83 and 81 faced significant challenges due to whiteout conditions, making driving hazardous.

In the Northwest, travelers had a slick Christmas, with snowfall affecting mountain passes throughout the day. Due to freezing rain, travel was tough along Interstates 84 and 90 near the eastern side of the Cascades. Meanwhile, the Interstate 5 corridor from Seattle to Portland and further into northern California experienced continuous rain.

Interestingly, the Southwest, Rockies, and most of the Northeast faced a different kind of travel trouble: sun glare. In contrast to the stormy regions, parts of the East had warm weather, with temperatures reaching the 60s and 70s, making it a perfect day to drive in a new convertible.

These varied weather conditions across the country led to various travel troubles on Christmas Day, impacting roadways and air travel and making holiday journeys challenging for many.

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