Over 1.1 million people in Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming face blizzard warnings due to a significant winter storm. This storm brings heavy snow, freezing rain, and strong winds across the Central Plains, including the Northern Plains and parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota. The warnings, which started on Monday afternoon, are expected to last through Tuesday and continue to impact travel and conditions into Wednesday.

Blizzard Warnings Sweep Central Plains, Threatening Holiday Travel with Whiteout Conditions
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Blizzard Warnings Across Central Plains Affect Holiday Travel

Blizzard warnings are causing trouble for Christmas travelers in the Central Plains. A big storm is hitting parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. Over a million people are under these warnings.

The storm, which started on Monday, is bringing lots of snow, freezing rain, and strong winds. CNN reported that it will last until Tuesday. The National Weather Service says it will make travel very hard and dangerous. Winds could reach 75 mph, making it hard to see and safe to drive.

In the Northern Plains, places like western South Dakota will get 8 to 12 inches more snow by Tuesday. The eastern parts of the Dakotas and western Minnesota have ice storm warnings. This means power might go out, and trees could fall.

In Omaha, Nebraska, street workers and snowplows were out early to prepare for the storm. Omaha and other parts of Nebraska expect 5 to 11 inches of snow and strong winds. The city is working hard to keep streets safe.

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Blizzard warnings are also in place in South Dakota. Traveling there might be very hard or even impossible. The same warnings are up in Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas until Wednesday.

People living in blizzard warning areas should try not to travel. If they must, they should bring survival kits and stay in their cars if they get stuck. In Nebraska, the roads are getting bad fast. The state's Department of Transportation tells people to check road conditions online before going out.

This storm is not only causing problems on the roads. It's also likely to affect flights. Airports in Omaha and South Dakota tell travelers to check their flights for delays or cancellations.

The storm should weaken by Tuesday night, but bad weather will still be around in the northern Plains and Midwest. Cities like Washington, DC, New York, and Philadelphia might get a lot of rain on Wednesday as the storm moves to the Northeast.

White Christmas Turns Treacherous

Blizzard warnings are making Christmas tough for many Americans. From Nebraska to South Dakota, and even in parts of Arizona, heavy snow and strong winds are hitting hard. This storm is bringing a white Christmas and a lot of trouble, especially for those traveling.

This weather is affecting flights, too. According to The Daily Mail, over 1,200 flights in the US were delayed on Christmas, and 137 were canceled. Atlanta's airport had the most delays. Meanwhile, New York's JFK airport saw many travelers facing these delays.

But not all of America is cold and snowy. Cities like Chicago, Boston, New York, and New Jersey are having a warmer Christmas than usual. The Northeast expects mild and rainy weather for the last week of the year. In Atlanta, temperatures might reach 61 degrees, but rain is causing problems. Heavy rain is also expected in New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama, which could lead to flooding.

While the East Coast is bracing for rain, many Americans are dealing with blizzard warnings and the challenges they bring.

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