The Philippines was honored with the Tourism Destination of the Year award in Russia at the Golden Dragon Awards on Dec 15. Philippine Ambassador Igor Bailen received the award, marking a significant achievement in the country's tourism sector and enhancing its global reputation.

Philippines Wins Tourism Destination of the Year at Prestigious Golden Dragon Awards
(Photo : Markus Tinner from Pixabay)

Philippines Wins Tourism Award at Golden Dragon Awards

The Philippines received the Tourism Destination of the Year award at the 6th Golden Dragon Awards. This event was held by the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Rauie) in Russia on Dec. 15. Igor Bailen, the Philippine Ambassador to Moscow, accepted the award.

Rauie, known for its role in supporting business between Russia and Asian countries, recognized the Philippines for its efforts in tourism. This includes starting direct flights between Moscow and Manila, as per The Manila Times. The President and Chairman of Rauie, Vitaly Mankevich, praised the Philippines for its hard work and dedication to these initiatives.

Mankevich also mentioned how direct flights will boost tourism in the Philippines. He believes this will bring more Russian tourists to the country. The award is not just a point of pride for the Philippines but also enhances its image as a friendly and appealing place to visit.

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During the award ceremony, Ambassador Bailen spoke about the Philippines as a great destination for travel and investment. He mentioned the country's sunny and warm islands, which are open for visitors almost all year. Bailen also highlighted the Philippines' welcoming business environment. Recent laws have made it easier for foreign companies to invest in the country, especially in public services.

The Philippines' win at the Golden Dragon Awards shows its growth as a top tourist destination. With new direct flights and a welcoming atmosphere for tourists and investors, the country is making a name for itself on the global stage.

Philippines Sees Surge in Tourists, Boosted by 'Love the Philippines' Campaign

Meanwhile, the Philippines has seen a remarkable increase in foreign tourists this year, surpassing the expected target before the year ends. The country's Department of Tourism (DOT) continues to boost tourism through its 'Love the Philippines' campaign.

Launched in late June, the campaign has spread across various global locations. In Australia, tram sets in Sydney and Melbourne showcase the Philippines' beauty. According to Phil Star Global, they feature images of the Banaue Rice Terraces, Vigan City, Mayon Volcano, the Philippine Eagle, and popular diving spots. These eye-catching designs aim to attract more visitors to the Philippines.

Additionally, Taipei's train station billboards and South Korea's Gangnam district highlight the Philippines' well-loved destinations like Boracay, Palawan, and Bohol. The DOT also aired TV ads in Japan, specifically at Tokyo's Shibuya train station and the Shinjuku Alta building.

In the United States, a unique approach was taken. A group of big bike riders, including those on the iconic tricycle, paraded on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. They proudly displayed the Philippine flag and campaign banners, drawing attention to the Philippines' rich culture.

The DOT has plans for an event on Dec. 30, featuring local sellers, live performances, and a fashion show by renowned Filipino designer Francis Libiran.

Despite controversy surrounding the use of stock footage in its promotional video, the campaign has been effective. The news source also shared that as of mid-December, the Philippines welcomed over five million foreign tourists, exceeding the initial 2023 goal of 4.8 million. 

Most visitors came from countries where the campaign was active, including Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. This success demonstrates the growing global interest in the Philippines as a tourist destination.

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