The Philippines is set to enhance its tourism industry by promoting golf tourism. This initiative was emphasized during the first Philippine Golf Summit held on Nov. 28, 2023, in Manila. Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco highlighted golf tourism as a promising sector to boost tourism, noting that the Philippines has over 100 golf courses across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Philippines Embraces Golf Tourism as a New Draw for Travelers, Expanding Its Sports Travel Market
(Photo : Markus Spiske on Pexels)

Philippines Boosts Tourism Portfolio with Golf Tourism

Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco sees golf tourism as a significant opportunity for economic growth and a chance to establish the Philippines as a global sports tourism hub. 

According to Phil Star Global, she believes the government and private sector must collaborate to realize the full potential of golf tourism. The tourism chief is optimistic that the Philippines' entry into the multi-billion golf tourism industry will significantly impact the economy.

The successful conclusion of the Philippine Golf Tourism Summit is a step toward developing a unified national government tourism policy on golf tourism. Frasco hopes the summit will be a platform for gathering insights and recommendations to inform decisions and strategies. 

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The event, organized by the Department of Tourism's Office of Product Development of Golf Tourism and Special Projects, featured various industry panelists, including Business Mirror Golf editor Mike Besa, Outlast Sports and Entertainment CEO Salauddin SS, and Philippine Tour Operator Association President Fe Abling-Yu.

The Philippine Golf Tourism Summit marks a new direction for the country's tourism sector, aiming to tap into the rich potential of golf tourism and position the Philippines prominently on the global sports tourism map​.

Cebu Integrates Golf Tourism into 'Suroy-suroy Sugbo'

Cebu, known for its natural beauty and rich culture, is now eyeing sports tourism, specifically golf tourism, to enhance its tourism offerings. Governor Gwendolyn Garcia recently announced this strategic initiative inspired by the successful Philippine Golf Tourism Summit in Taguig. This move aims to position Cebu, with its world-class golf courses, as a local and international destination for golf enthusiasts.

Cebu's golf courses, particularly in Liloan and Medellin, offer picturesque landscapes and challenging gameplay, attracting all skill-level golfers. The governor's plan involves incorporating golf tourism into the province's flagship tourism activities, leveraging the sport's growing popularity, per the Philippine News Agency

A key aspect of this initiative is integrating golf tourism with the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo program. Suroy-Suroy Sugbo, a unique travel experience in Cebu, offers visitors a chance to explore the province's rich heritage, culture, and food. 

By combining golf with these cultural tours, the province aims to provide a holistic experience to tourists. The governor believes that this combination will enhance the appeal of golf tourism and enrich the overall travel experience in Cebu.

Tourism officials support this approach, seeing the potential for golf tourism to take off in the province. They envision a synergy between the sport and Cebu's local attractions, catering to golf enthusiasts and cultural tourists. This initiative aligns with the national government's push to diversify the Philippines' tourism industry and establish it as a global sports tourism destination.

With this new focus on golf tourism, Cebu aims to attract a niche market of golfers and boost its local economy by showcasing its natural and cultural assets. This initiative represents a significant step in diversifying the province's tourism portfolio and positioning Cebu as a prominent global sports tourism industry player.

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