Many destinations in our world have become famous for the color of its buildings and other infrastructure. For example, there's Chefchaouen in Morocco, which is known for its blue buildings. Greece's Santorini has regularly been featured for its blue and white architecture. 

But have you ever thought that there might be a pink-colored city somewhere in the world? 

There is such as place and it is none other than Armenia's capital, Yerevan. It is famously know as the Pink City, but why is this so?

Why Armenia's Yerevan is Called the Pink City

Armenia's Yerevan, Also Known as the Pink City
(Photo : KAREN MINASYAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Similarly to Chefchaouen and Santorini, Yerevan got its name due to the color of its buildings. According to the Smitsonian Magazine, buildings made during the Soviet era were constructed out of pink stones that are abundant in the surrounding landscape.

These stones are actually lava rocks known as tuff. These rocks bare different shades of pink, and this particular shade is pretty rare outside the region.

Smithsonian Magazine notes, "The color is brightest at sunrise and sunset, and changes throughout the day based on where the sun hits it." 

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Buildings in Yerevan Made from Pink Tuff

There are multiple buildings in Yerevan that come in lovely shades of pink, but there are those that are a must-visit when you travel to Armenia. Here are some of them. 

Children's Railway 

Children's Railway in Armenia's Pink City, Yerevan
(Photo : Visit Yerevan)

A part of the Hrazdan Gorge, the railway was built in 1943. The railway was initially built of wood, but it was eventually replaced by a stone structure. 

According to the Visit Yerevan website, "Originating in the USSR, children's railways were a unique phenomenon, functioning as educational institutions that allowed young students to learn various railroad professions." 

Republic Square

The Republic Square in Armenia's Pink City, Yerevan
(Photo : Visit Yerevan)

One of the most famous tourist spots in Yerevan is none other than the Republic Square. It was designed in 1924-1936 by architect Alexander Tamanyan.

This where you can find the House of Government, the main clock of Yerevan, and even the central singing fountains. 

St. John the Baptist Church

St. John the Baptist Church in Armenia's Pink City, Yerevan
(Photo : Visit Yerevan)

Also known as Sourb Hovhannes Mkrtich Church, the St. John the Baptist Church is found on the high hill of Kond. It was constructed to replace a medieval church that was destroyed during an earthquake. 

Zoravor Sourb Astvatsatsin Church 

Zoravor Sourb Astvatsatsin Church in Armenia's Pink City, Yerevan
(Photo : Visit Yerevan)

Built in the 9th to 10th centuries, the present-day Zoravor Sourb Astvatsatsin Church was built in 1963. It is actually built on the grave of Holy Apostle Ananias. 

Otherwise known as Ananias of the Damascus, the apostle is actually mentioned in the bible, specifically in the Acts of the Apostles.

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