Life is like a journey and there are many benefits of getting older. When you finally turn forty, we start looking for that perfect balance of peace and harmony in our lives. However, the experiences you have in your twenties and thirties generate the wisdom and empathy that come with age. Travel can play a major role in shaping your thoughts and experiences, and it is a must to get some wildlife experiences before you turn forty.

Wildlife travel encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and gives us some valuable opportunities to broaden our horizons and create lifelong memories. Wildlife tour operators like offer exciting wildlife expeditions all around the world. A vast world of incredible wildlife and natural wonders is waiting to be explored. 

Enjoy serene encounters during thrilling safaris and some unforgettable wildlife experiences before you hit the milestone of turning forty.

 Given below are some of the top wildlife experiences to try before you turn 40:

1. African Safari for a quintessential wildlife experience

An African safari is a classic wildlife experience that every nature lover should have on their list. Whether it's the Great Migration, the "Big Five," or Victoria Falls, there are a myriad of wildlife wonders to enjoy on the vast continent. A wildlife safari is one of the most exciting ways to see and experience the diversity of Africa. Explore the vast landscapes of the African continent to explore and experience the animals, nature, and culture of Africa. Some of the major countries for wildlife safaris include Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa.

Best wildlife experiences- 

  • Experience special moments with gorillas during the Uganda or Rwanda expedition.

  • Kruger Nartana Park safari tour explores the Delta, Chobe, Victoria Falls.

  • Serengeti Safari to witness the Great Migration and overnight camping in Ngorongoro.

  • Tanzania & Kenya circular Safari to spot the Big Five and meet the Maasai Mara tribes.

 2. The unique wildlife in Australia

 Australian wildlife tour is packed with unique wildlife, and you will be surprised to know that about 90% of the animals here are not found anywhere in the world. Thus, it is a must to see the distinctive wildlife of the country to enjoy that magical experience. You will find different options and plenty of wildlife tours to pick from, no matter where you're visiting. Plan some campfires and hike on lesser-known trails under the guidance of an expert wildlife guide to get the ultimate wildlife and wilderness experience.

 Best wildlife experiences-  

  • Pepper Bush Adventures in the remote regions of Tasmania to spot platypi, echidnas, and quolls.

  • Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef to see the vibrant coral formations and swim alongside colorful fish and sea turtles.

  • Join Echidna Walkabout Tours to spot some iconic creatures such as kangaroos and koalas.

  • The nighttime feeding tour at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary will allow you to see and even interact with some unique Australian animals, such as the Tasmanian Devil.

  • Enjoy unforgettable wildlife tours on Kangaroo Island for the Kangas and Kanapes experience and spot the wild kangaroos in the secret locale where they come to graze.

 3. Wildlife expeditions in the Arctic

Arctic exploration is all about going along the Northwest Passage and passing through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago to unlock nature's treasure of the part of the planet. Once here, you will be forever bonded to the spirit of Arctic adventure and its culture. Visit traditional Inuit and Greenlandic communities and get familiar with their traditions and culture. Enjoy flightseeing, get up close to the spectacular scenery on helicopters, and enjoy a birds-eye view of the fjords below. Explore the wild, vast territory of tundra with isolated towns and villages in the Arctic, where one finds true wilderness places untouched by human interference.

 Best wildlife experiences- 

  • Take a guided Polar Bear expedition in the Arctic to observe the mighty polar bear and enjoy looking at these magnificent creatures within their natural habitat.

  • Get on board an expedition cruise to visit the Svalbard archipelago between Norway and the North Pole and get to see reindeer, whales, walruses, polar bears, and numerous species of birds.

  • Explore Canada's northern territory for a vast ice-bound wilderness with intriguing names such as Hudson Bay and Baffin Island and spot ox, arctic foxes, orcas, walruses, and polar bears.

 4. Exploring the Galápagos Islands for unique plants and animals

 Galápagos volcanic islands are world famous for some unique flora and fauna that are not to be found elsewhere in the world. It was a source for Darwin's theory of evolution and remains 

 a priceless living laboratory for the scientists of today. Visit this remarkable archipelago located off the coast of Ecuador to spot some special wildlife species. You have a lot to do and see here, such as hiking the diverse terrain and snorkeling in the marine waters.

 Best wildlife experiences- 

  • Explore the remote paradise to experience its pristine ecosystem for a most excellent Galápagos experience.

  • Walk among giant tortoises, snorkel with sea lions, and enjoy looking at the blue-footed boobies and other varieties of wildlife on land and in the water.

  • Visit the islands to spot hundreds of remarkable bird species and marine iguanas basking on the beaches.

  • Some of the iconic wildlife of the Galápagos islands continue to amaze scientists, and they include albatross, marine iguanas, and giant tortoises.

5.  A tropical rainforest adventure in Amazon 

 Your wildlife trip remains incomplete without a visit to the Amazon, which amazes tourists and scientists because of the awesome river, the secretive wildlife, and the dense forest of towering trees. You can enjoy canoeing through a flooded forest on the legendary river, and the little things you experience make it special. As the world's largest tropical rainforest, it is a must to explore the dense jungles and navigate the winding rivers to make a deep connection with nature and get the opportunity to enjoy the amazing biodiversity of this iconic ecosystem.

 Best wildlife experiences-

  • Reserva Extrativista Baixo Rio Branco is an outstanding place as it offers excellent wildlife-watching and is teeming with birds and animals. Spot monkeys, capuchins, squirrels, howlers, macaws and toucans.

  • It is a must to explore Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, a primary rainforest with some of the largest trees. Get the chance to spot the elusive jaguar and other birds and primates.

  • Explore Jardim Botânico Adolpho Ducke, the world's largest urban forest that is spread across a hundred sq km. It is like an open-air museum with exclusive flora and fauna.

  • Walk through dense forests to track some amazing wildlife and look forward to an awe-inspiring wildlife experience that will leave a lasting impression.