Royal Caribbean had to cancel a cruise, disappointing many passengers. The Radiance of the Seas ship was supposed to leave Vancouver for Alaska on Friday, April 26, but it could not because of a broken part that helped the ship move. Even after trying to fix it, Royal Caribbean could not get it ready, and on Sunday, April 28, they decided to cancel the whole trip.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Cut Short, Passengers Sent Home Amid Repair Woes
Radiance of the Seas of Royal Caribbean offers full refund after unexcpected cancellation
(Photo : Alistair McLellan from Pixabay)

Royal Caribbean Offers Full Refund and Future Cruise After Canceling Trip

Passengers were surprised to find out they had to leave the ship and go home. Royal Caribbean tried to make it up to them by giving everyone a full refund and a free trip in the future. 

They also made it easier for passengers by offering free Wi-Fi and covering the costs of any changes in flight plans. To make their short stay a bit better, the ship's bar was open for free until everyone left.

According to Travel Pulse, this isn't the first time the Radiance of the Seas has had this problem. It is the second time the ship's moving part, called a propulsion system, has stopped working properly. 

In a letter to the passengers, Royal Caribbean said they needed more time to fix the ship properly to ensure everyone's safety and comfort on future trips.

Royal Caribbean is known for its fun and relaxing cruises, so this incident was unusual for them. They expressed gratitude for the passengers' patience and understanding as they navigated this unexpected issue. 

By offering refunds and future cruise credits, Royal Caribbean hopes to regain the trust of its customers and ensure they can enjoy a better experience next time.

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Sees Strong Bookings and Higher Prices Post-Pandemic

Royal Caribbean has made a significant recovery from the pandemic, with its business stronger than before. Jason Liberty, the CEO, mentioned that the cruise line is doing very well this year. 

Prices for cruises are higher now because more people want to sail. This demand-based pricing helps keep the ships full.

During the pandemic, Royal Caribbean had to lower prices and limit the number of people on its ships because of COVID-19. Tyler Morning Telegraph showed that many people hesitated to cruise due to health concerns and rules like vaccine requirements and wearing masks. But as these rules ended, cruising started to feel normal again by 2023.

Now, Royal Caribbean can fill its ships and charge higher prices, similar to those before the pandemic. 

Liberty highlighted this in a recent talk about the company's earnings. He said that the first quarter of the year brought in a lot of bookings at high prices, especially with the new Icon of the Seas ship.

The cruise line offers a good deal compared to other vacations. A cruise includes the room, food, and entertainment, while places like Disney World and Universal Studios have separate costs for each.

Booking trends remain strong, with more people choosing to cruise now than last year. This is true for cruises to the Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska. Royal Caribbean's success is mostly seen in North America, where about 80% of this year's guests come from.

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